10 must-have Android apps for Halloween

From creepy games to costume aides, it's time again to summon the spirits to your phone for a fun and festive Halloween.

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Derek Walter

Turn your phone into a Spooktacular Halloween companion

You’ve probably decorated your house with cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, and carved some pumpkins.

But what about your phone? Yes, that ever-present companion of yours needs some attention as well when it comes to getting ready for All Hallow’s Eve. Your smartphone can keep track of where the kids are, zombify yourself, and keep the party going with some dark and delightful tunes.

However, the Play Store is loaded with the smartphone equivalent of junk candy. For every good app there’s five more that are practically unusable due to oppressive ads or from neglectful developers who have let it rot for years. You want the full-size Snickers, not the tiny packages of candy corn.

Here are some of the more solid options, which will help you get into the mood as the holiday approaches.

track or treat

Track and Treat

Keeping track of all your little monsters on Halloween night isn’t easy. And since you’re on Team Android, your iPhone-using sister won’t be able to locate you through Find my Friends.

Track and Treat from Glympse is made just for such situations. You don’t even need an account - just an email address or phone number will suffice for you to temporarily share your location with others. It can help ease the anxiety of seeing the little creatures head off into the night.

Track & Treat by Glympse (free)

mickeys spooky night

Mickey's Spooky Night

Interactive books can be hit and miss, but Disney is usually good about putting forth a quality product. 

Mickey’s Spooky Night is a fun little book that includes Daffy, Pluto, and other Disney characters on a Halloween adventure. There’s an interactive element too in hunting down the ghosts that are hidden inside the book. It should be great for little kids if you need some “me” time and want to hand them your phone without feeling like they’re going to warp their mind on something mindless.

It’s also simple in the payment department—just buy the app and then don’t worry about annoying ads or worthless in-app purchases.

Mickey’s Spooky Night ($1.99)

halloween stickers

Halloween Photo Stickers

Everyone likes stickers. The digital variety is especially nice for Halloween so you can dress up pictures of your cats, relatives, or house with some creepy collections.

It’s easy to use. From the Halloween Stickers app you can open a picture from the gallery and start throwing in some spiders, ghosts, or blood splatters.

It’s loaded down with ads, but you can probably push through them in order to throw together some clever images for Halloween.

Halloween Photo Stickers (free) 

halloween photo frame

Halloween Photo Stickers

Despite the app’s name, this one is actualy better at putting a Halloween frame around a picture instead of a bunch of random stickers. It’s another fun and clever way to text your friends or kids some Halloween-themed pictures to get them ready for the big night of trick-or-treating.

Like many of the other free choices, get ready for some advertisements. 

Halloween Photo Stickers (free)

google play music halloween

Get a music streaming app

Whether you're hosting a costume party or you just want to creep out the little kids coming to your door, nothing beats a Halloween playlist. 

Google Play Music is my service of choice, and every year it’s delivered solid options for Halloween. There’s a playlist just for kids, music for a dance party, and some spooky sounds if you’re going all out to turn your dwelling into a haunted house.

Any streaming service will be able to find you good stuff, so hit up Spotify, Apple Music, or whichever you may have a subscription to.

Google Play Music (free, $10 monthly subscription)

funny halloween party 2

Funny Halloween Party 2

Sometimes a virtual Halloween party is the best way to get ready for the real one. This app will let little ones dress up characters, decorate a haunted house, and get in the Halloween spirit through a whole manner of fun activities.

It’s loaded up with in-app purchases, so best to decide in advance what you want to buy before you end up with a $500 party on your phone.

Halloween Party 2 (free)

halloween watch face

Halloween Watch Face

You may as well embrace Halloween all the way by putting a spooky face on your Android Wear watch. It puts a jack-o-lantern right on your wrist, which can augment your costume or at least give you some extra flair for the night of darkness.

If this one’s not to your liking, there are many other Halloween watch faces to choose from.

Halloween Watch Face ($0.99)

dead yourself

Dead Yourself

Turning a selfie into a freaky zombie is a new Halloween tradition that’s come about from the smartphone era. 

No one does it better than the people from The Walking Dead series. You can take a selfie from the app or import an existing picture to turn a friend, pet, or in this case a stuffed bear into a flesh-eating zombie.

Dead Yourself (free)

halloween live wallpaper

Halloween Live Wallpaper

There are plenty of live wallpaper apps, but many are outdated pieces of junk. This app is an exception, as it was recently updated and works just fine on a Pixel. Many other live wallpaper apps that are old just flip out on newer devices.

If you’re using Google’s Wallpaper app, you’ll see a new section for live wallpapers appear when you install it. Otherwise, use your normal procedure to change the wallpaper. You’ll then have a live screen that screams Halloween.

Halloween Live Wallpaper (free)

hidden images

Hidden Object - Happy Haunts

Separating the wheat from the chaff goes to a whole new level when you’re trying to find a good hidden object game. 

I landed on this title because the ads aren’t overwhelming and you can select from different levels of difficulty. It’s not too gory, so little ones can tap away on the screen and try to catch all of those objects that are hiding behind ghosts and pumpkins.

Hidden Object - Happy Haunts (free)

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