GOG's Fall Sale dangles free copies of Victor Vran, Little Big Adventure 2, and more

Why buy what you can get for free?

GOG Fall Sale 2016

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For years now it’s been hard for any PC-gaming-centric storefront to steal attention from the legendary Steam Sales, but GOG.com’s done a decent job inventing gimmicks to go with its discounts. For the current Monstrous Fall Sale, GOG’s “borrowed” an idea from ye olden days of Steam, with prospective customers accruing “XP” for purchases and other actions.

It’d all be so much fluff, were it not for the fact you can score free games in the process. GOG, never one to shy away from handing out freebies, is giving out copies of Little Big Adventure 2 for the next 48 hours just for showing up. But stick around and earn more XP and GOG will give you a free copy of beloved tactics game Expeditions: Conquistador, flawed-but-charming RPG Dex, and pretty-damn-absurd-action-RPG Victor Vran.

You can earn XP in a bunch of ways, including “Show up and click a button,” completing optional tasks to earn badges, and participating in GOG’s Twitch stream (they’re playing the Gwent beta as I write this).

But the easiest way to unlock is to buy games. To that end, there are some great sales here—a bunch of “Build Your Bundle” promos featuring Paradox, Deep Silver, Double Fine, Paradox, and more. If you want to make it easy though you can snag Obsidian’s impending RPG Tyranny or Larian’s upcoming-at-some-point Divinity: Original Sin II and unlock all three freebies at once.

Not that we would ever encourage you to preorder games. No, not even ones we think are probably going to be great. The option’s available though.

I also would not recommend buying a copy of Victor Vran, Dex, or Expeditions: Conquistador to unlock your free copies of the same games. That would not be the smartest idea.

Anyway, a sale’s a sale. GOG’s Monstrous Fall Sale will run from now until November 13, with deals updating every 24 hours. And one more reminder: Make sure to grab your copy of Little Big Adventure 2. It’s a classic.

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