There’s a better way to Wireless: Mobility-as-a-Service

Per Seat. Per Month. All you need.

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Let’s face it. Today, your business and your people need the right technology to succeed. But acquiring and maintaining powerful wireless devices with flexible service plans comes at a significant cost, and the demands of your workforce never stop changing. So how can you keep up with what they need and keep costs under control?

Enter Mobility-as-a-Service from Sprint – A way better way to get wireless, for way less. Flexible service plans, iconic devices, set-up, dedicated support, and much more at a single, predictable cost.

How We Can Help

Sprint Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) has been designed to help businesses of all sizes cut the cost and effort of managing, maintaining and supporting mobility while eliminating the capital outlay that comes with buying devices for your employees.

Sprint MaaS gives you a comprehensive wireless service at a predictable monthly cost – including flexible data plans with unlimited talk and text, the devices you really want with an extended warranty, and dedicated, customized, and personal support for all users.

It does this in 3 simple steps:

1) Pick your device

2) Pick your flexible service plan

3) Enjoy our exclusive dedicated, customized, and personal support

What this means for you, and your organization

Mobility-as-a-Service is different. It’s new. And it’s the industry’s most comprehensive and cost-effective mobility solution which has many benefits for your business.

Aside from eliminating the painful capital investment involved in device acquisition and the complexity of wireless management, it also helps you adopt a truly flexible approach to mobility – one which can scale and adapt as quickly as you can.

With the help of a strategic ally that puts customized, ready-to-use devices in the hands of the people who need them, mobility teams can spend less time worrying about:

• Rethinking your entire mobile environment as your business grows

• Keeping devices running and relevant

• Device end-of-life issues

The results are simple: lower costs, greater flexibility, and a happier, more productive team.

The benefits at a glance:

• Predictable OpEx costs versus high upfront CapEx investment

• Dedicated care to support your service requirements

• Periodic upgrades

• Streamlined, predictable costing for service plans

• Easily scalable as your business grows

• No need to rethink your entire mobile strategy when you want to add devices

Is MaaS right for you?

Mobility-as-a-Service is a radically different and extremely simple way to secure the right wireless services for your employees. Ask yourself the following questions and see if it’s for you:

• Are you trying to keep up with ever-changing technology demands?

• Are high costs preventing you from providing the devices your team wants?

• Do you spend large portions of your day solving mobility-related issues?

• Do you have a bank of old, unused devices building up?

• Are user questions about wireless taking over your work day?

Let’s chat

Find out what Mobility-as-a-Service can do for you. Contact your local Sprint representative today to learn more.

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