Google Calendar helps you keep your workout resolution with Fit, Health integration

App update lets you keep your activity synced with your goals.

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With the start of every new year comes resolutions, and for many of us that means one thing above all: vowing to get fit. But with a little help from Google Calendar, 2017 might be the year we actually follow through.

Google introduced Goals in its calendar app for Android and iOS last April, letting you utilize the free time in your schedule to carve out regular exercise and workout sessions. Now it is letting you tap into Google Fit and Apple’s Health app to record and monitor your progress. As Google describes in its blog post, the activity added to either app will sync back to the goals you’ve set in Google Calendar and mark them accordingly. That effectively means your Apple Watch or Android Wear watch is linked with Google Calendar now as well.

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Google Calendar now integrates with Fit and Health to better track your goals.

To connect to one of the fitness apps, you need to open the goal you’ve set, tap the blue edit button, and select the Connect with Google Fit or Connect with Apple Heath option. For new goals, you’ll be promoted with an option to connect to the app during the creation process.

Also new is a visual performance tracker built right into Google Calendar that shows you exactly how much of your weekly goal you’ve completed in neat pie charts, and it will also adjust your workout schedule based on the time you most often complete it:

“With this integration, future goal times will be even more tailored based on when you’re most likely to complete them. Say you set a goal to run at 6:30 every other morning but aren’t actually hitting your stride until 7:15 — Google Calendar has you covered and will adjust accordingly.”

The impact on you at home: Setting exercise resolutions is one thing, but sticking to them is another. The Google Calendar integration with Health and Fit is a great way to encourage us to carve out a steady routine in 2017.

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