Five Ways Your Device Can Strut Your Personal Style

Customizing your PC is an underrated and overlooked way to get a more personal, motivational, and productive experience every time you use it.

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Your personal style is your way of expressing and distinguishing yourself. So what does it say about you if you’re toting around a drab black laptop that looks exactly like everybody else’s?

Giving your device a makeover that complements your personality and interests will not only help you stand out from the crowd, it can increase your productivity by energizing you whenever you use it. Here are a few ways to get started.

1.    Choose a PC with some pizazz

The standard advice is to choose a laptop that suits your lifestyle. If you travel a lot for work or are otherwise always on the go, a thin-and-light notebook is best. Designers, photographers, and other visual creatives should prioritize high-resolution displays and ample storage. And performance, durability, and security should top the list for business users.

But specs don’t have to override style. The new breed of laptops like the Dell Inspiron 15 5k and Lenovo Flex 4 combine powerful 7th get Intel® CoreTM processors with bright touchscreen displays, powerful productivity features, and lightweight designs in innovative 2-in-1 form factors.

2.   Wear your heart on your sleeve

Laptop sleeves add an extra layer of protection to your laptop whether it’s inside or outside your laptop bag. They’re also a great way to add some flair. Rather than sticking with the standard black neoprene sleeve, try something that reflects your personality.

A hard case is ideal to tote your laptop into rugged environments while retaining a bit of industrial chic. But if haute couture is your passion, consider a designer laptop sleeve. A unique artist-designed sleeve from a site like Society6may also display your unique creative taste.

3.   Slip on some skin

An easy way to make your computer stand out is with a skin. These vinyl self-adhesive stickers come in custom designs to cover the lid of your laptop. In addition to expressing your personality, they also help prevent scratches.

Whether you’re a sports junkie, Star Wars fan, or animal lover, there’s an appropriate skin to share your flair. And if you get tired of it, just peel it off and put on a new one. They leave no sticky residue.

4.   Accessorize with stylish peripherals

Your peripherals should compliment your laptop’s performance, but they can complement its style as well. From vegan headphones to superhero flash drives, the universe of customized peripherals is vast and varied with something to offer every interest. And often enough, these add-ons are very affordable.

5.   Customize your desktop

If you’re going through the trouble to personalize the outside of your computer, you probably don’t want to stare at the same desktop as every other PC user. The sand dune and sunset stock photos are nice for a while, but your desktop is your command center. It’ll serve you all the better if you make it your own.

Download an inspirational quote or affirmation and set it as your desktop background against a bold color to give you a motivational touchpoint throughout the day. Alternatively, an abstract or zen image in neutral tones can be a source of calm when you need it or help you clear your mind when things get hectic. There are also live, interactive wallpapers available when you need to do something mindless for a little while with the shower principle in mind.

You can also make your workspace more attractive – and possibly improve your productivity – by adding a custom dock like RocketDock or WinLaunch or downloading a desktop organizer app.

Dress up your device with these tips and you’re sure to be inspired each time you sit down to work.