13 Little-Known Selling Days

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Everyone loves a celebration, which is what makes every holiday a gold mine for sales. Popular holidays like Christmas are on every calendar, but could your business be missing out on selling opportunities by not marking these quirky holidays as part of your planned selling seasons?

Put on your thinking cap and come up with some creative ways to drive business for the 13 promotional dates below.

March 1

World Compliment Day

Encourage your staff to give a compliment to each customer, or offer a small discount to each customer who gives your staff an unsolicited compliment or kind review on your website.

April 10

Sibling Day

The perfect set up for referrals! Customers who bring in their siblings can earn a discount if their sibling makes a purchase.

May 1-31

Photo Month

With social media taking over the planet, we know everyone’s got a good photo to share. Start a month-long contest and get your customers to vote for the best photo submission. Winner gets a cool prize!

May 2

Baby Day

Because you can’t resist the opportunity for a cuteness overload, offer a discount to customers who bring in their bundles of joy, or submit a photo of their adorable babies to your company website.

May 8

Cartoonist Day

Showcase your customers’ artistic talents by offering a discount to those who bring in a signed piece of artwork. Or, have a caricaturist stop by to draw free sketches of your visitors for them to take home.

June 4

Cancer Survivors Day

What better way to honor those who’ve kicked cancer’s butt than by featuring their stories on your website and in-store. Begin campaigning for story submissions in late May.

October 1-31

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There are tons of local and national fundraising events taking place throughout the month. How can your business participate to raise funds and awareness?

October 2

Custodial Worker Day

It’s a thankless job until today! Give a special shout out to your business’ custodial staff if you have one, or offer a special discount to those who come to your storefront in uniform or can otherwise offer proof of occupation.

November 3

Housewife's Day

Because Mother’s Day alone isn’t enough, offer a small (and affordable) token of appreciation to all the housewives who visit your store on this day. For proof, have them bring in (or email) their favorite or most memorable mommy moments featuring their children.

December 1

World AIDS Day

Another awareness day that warrants local and national events and fundraisers. Get involved in local activities to not only support the cause, but also solidify your business as part of your local community.

December 2

Bartender Appreciation Day

Who doesn’t love a good bartender? Offer a special discount for bartenders in your area. Try doing some advanced marketing by leaving flyers at the watering holes close to your business. It may be best to offer your discount for this entire week – bartenders are busy people!

December 4

Wear Brown Shoes Day

Treat your fashion-friendly customers to a small discount if they are wearing brown shoes during their visit.

December 10

Gingerbread Decorating Day

Get the kids involved! Set up a gingerbread decorating station in-store, or host a contest on your website and offer a small prize for the winner! Another good way to get involved with the community!

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