Aorus Radeon RX 570 review: The best graphics card you can buy under $200, barely changed

This Polaris refresh is more of a side-grade than an upgrade, but it's still the best option in its price class.

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Hitman’s Glacier engine traditionally favored AMD hardware as a flagship AMD Gaming Evolved title, but GeForce cards have evened the score with driver updates. We test in both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, with SSAO disabled.

hitman 1440 Brad Chacos/IDG
hitman 1080 Brad Chacos/IDG

The Radeon RX 570 comes out slightly ahead here when comparing the ideal graphics API for each brand (DX11 for Nvidia, DX12 for AMD) but again, it’s awfully close—just 4 frames or so per second. And again, the oomph this refresh provides proves minimal versus the RX 470.

Hitman’s very much playable at both 1440p and 1080p with graphics cranked on all cards. Avoid DX12 mode on the GTX 1060, though, as the paltry amount of memory introduces some nasty stuttering.

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At a Glance
  • The Gigabyte Aorus is a gorgeous, well-performing graphics card. The Radeon RX 570 is the best sub-$200 gaming option around—but it isn't much of a step up over the RX 470.


    • 4GB of RAM
    • Superb 1080p gaming performance
    • Quiet, cool, and overclocked.
    • $10 cheaper than RX 470


    • Refresh of existing RX 470
    • Lags behind Nvidia GPUs in power efficiency.
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