How to launch Chrome faster with Native Lazy Tabs

If you have Chrome set to start with all your previous tabs, the browser's startup time can be slow. The extension Native Lazy Tabs can fix that.

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Rob Schultz

If you set Chrome to launch with the tabs you last had open, the browser's startup time can take forever. That's especially true if you last had 10 or more tabs going. The problem is that Chrome starts loading all your tabs at once, which can be a drain on resources. A new extension called Native Lazy Tabs helps fix that problem.

Native Lazy Tabs stops all tabs but the one currently in focus from loading. The other tabs will load when you switch to them. This is similar to the behavior Opera introduced in version 41 of its browser last October.

There isn't that much to Native Lazy Tabs. Just install it from the Chrome Web Store, and it will start doing its thing. There are no options to tweak or anything like that.

To test that the extension is working simply start Chrome. As the browser is loading, tap Shift + Esc to open Chrome's task manager. From there you should see only the current tab listed. The others are still available, but they won't show up in the task manager as using memory until they load when you switch to them.

Native Lazy Tabs doesn't have a lot of frills, but it does its job and it does it well, so you can get Chrome up and running faster.

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