The Easy Way to Put Public Wi-Fi in Your Store

For small businesses struggling with the technical problems of providing public Wi-Fi, things are about to get a lot simpler.

orbi pro creative office 18.08.2017

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In an increasingly connected and crowded retail marketplace, a public Wi-Fi network can serve as a much-needed competitive differentiator. It can make wait times seem shorter, keep customers around longer, and encourage visitors to connect with your company online, becoming advocates of your business.

Wi-Fi is often integral to internal operations too, enabling seamless use of point-of-sale systems, employee devices, and administrative tools.

Unfortunately, installing a reliable business network is a deceptively difficult task that many business owners feel ill-equipped to handle. They understandably fear the cyber security risks and lack of control they’ll have if they offer a public network. Then there’s the added potential for new problems and nagging complaints, like connectivity issues or slow wireless speeds. Not only can issues like these pull you away from operating your business, they can also reflect poorly on the company.

So how do you avoid these setup, control, and management hassles without avoiding Wi-Fi altogether? A few basic ground rules make the task a lot easier. 

First, it’s important to set up separate networks for guests, employees, and the network administrator. This helps keep sensitive data and essential operational tools out of reach, protecting the company from many accidental, opportunistic, or criminal attempts to access your data and applications.

Next, make sure you utilize a reliable router that delivers consistent dual-band wireless signals at 2.4 and 5 Ghz. That’s the standard, high-speed Wi-Fi that customers and employees will expect. 

Finally, make sure your Wi-Fi network fully covers your retail space. Confirm the range of your router and compare it to the square footage of your business. You may need to extend the Wi-Fi range with additional satellite units for complete coverage. 

Once your network is up and running, app-based management will help make sure you can quickly identify any issues or make any changes to the network on the fly. But ideally, a business-strength network won’t require any intervention at all after the initial setup. It will just work. 

Wi-Fi That Works

That’s what business owners who have installed the Orbi Pro system from Netgear have found: it just works. The Orbi Pro system is a complete and fully capable business network right out of the box. Installation is as simple as setting up a home router and can be completed with little or no technical knowledge. But make no mistake, this is still business-grade equipment.

Three pre-defined wireless networks make it easy to keep guests, employees, and administrators separate. An Orbi Pro router and satellite cover up to 5,000 square feet and an additional satellite unit can double that range. Also, with Orbi Pro, there is no wiring, professional installation, or added IT costs as NETGEAR created a fast, dedicated high-speed wireless connection between the Orbi Pro Router and Satellite, which eliminates the requirement to run Ethernet cables. The router and satellites can be mounted to walls or ceilings or sit right on the countertop. Either way their minimalist, modern design blends seamlessly into any retail environment.

Network guests will be served a standard Terms & Conditions page before accessing your network. You can limit their time online if you have concerns about stragglers or nearby network hoppers. And any authorized user, through the straightforward Orbi smartphone app, can do network management from anywhere. 

None of these features require additional fees or complicated procedures to initiate—they all hit the ground running right away. And best of all, they keep running reliably and indefinitely, so that ideally, your business can do the same.

Get your business up and running with Orbi Pro Wi-Fi today.