Origin EON17-X review: This monster gaming laptop challenges high-end desktop PCs

Overclocked desktop-class hardware in a portable (enough) package

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Origin EON17-X benchmark performance

We told you in the intro that we’ve never tested a laptop as powerful as the Origin PC EON17-X. Now it’s time to show you.

We’ll be comparing it against several neighboring systems in our tests, including the most potent Alienware 17 configuration with a GTX 1080 and an overclockable, quad-core Core i7-7820HK ($2,500 on Dell.com), the slim yet powerful Asus ROG Zephyrus ($2,700 on Amazon) with a Core i7-7700HQ and GTX 1080 Max-Q, and the Acer Predator 21 X ($9,000 on Amazon)—one of the most insane laptops ever built, with a curved display, the same overclockable Core i7-7820HK as the Alienware laptop, and two full-fat GTX 1080 GPUs.

eon17x cinebench single Brad Chacos/IDG
eon17x cinebench multi Brad Chacos/IDG

Maxon’s Cinebench R15 measures raw CPU performance, and the more threads you can throw at it, the happier it is. With an overclocked, 6-core, 12-thread Core i7-8700K desktop processor, the Origin EON17-X blasts past the quad-core competition. Hell, you can’t even really call it competition. But the performance comes at the price of convenience, as the EON17-X’s high-pitched fans ramp up to very load volumes under load, and especially when all the CPU cores are being stressed. This beastly performance requires a constant roar from the hardware.

eon17x handbrake Brad Chacos/IDG

The Cinebench test has a short run time, but the file we encode in our CPU-intensive HandBrake test (which uses an older version of the software) takes around 45 minutes on a quad-core processor. Origin’s desktop masquerading as a laptop achieves the same task in less than a half-hour. Hot damn.

eon17x firestrike Brad Chacos/IDG

Gaming laptops lean heavily on graphics capabilities, too. We test their visual chops using the Graphics sub-score in 3DMark’s Fire Strike Extreme synthetic benchmark, which focuses on pure GPU performance.

The EON17-X’s GPU overclock and beefy cooling helps it deliver higher scores than any other single-GPU system we’ve seen, though the Acer Predator 21 X’s pair of GTX 1080s pushes much, much further in this pure synthetic graphics test. We tend to shy away from recommending multi-GPU (SLI) configurations, however, because many modern games lack SLI support, essentially making your second graphics card the equivalent of a pricey paperweight.

But let’s get to the games! Even though the Origin EON17-X has a 1440p display, we benchmark all gaming laptops at 1080p resolution to normalize results across the field.

eon17x rotr Brad Chacos/IDG
eon17x som Brad Chacos/IDG
eon17x tomb raider Brad Chacos/IDG

The EON17-X blows away the Asus and Alienware systems in raw average frame rate, easily surpassing its display’s 120Hz limit in all three tested games. This rig is a monster.

Technically, the Predator 21 X and its dual GTX 1080s outpace Origin’s PC, but if you pay attention to the Acer laptop’s results, it starts to become clear why we prefer single-GPU systems. That pair of GPUs is only a few frames faster than the EON17-X’s overclocked single card in Tomb Raider and Shadow of Mordor, while the Predator brings up the rear of the pack in Rise of the Tomb Raider. That’s because the SLI settings are busted in the game; when you disable one of the Predator’s GPUs, its average frame rate in that game leaps all the way to 115.46 fps. Overall, the EON17-X is the clear shining star in these gaming benchmarks.

I also ran the Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark continuously for an hour and didn’t witness any performance degradation—unsurprising, given the laptop’s heft and extremely active cooling solution. (Some gaming laptops, such as the Micro Center PowerSpec 1710, heavily throttle hardware performance under prolonged loads to help keep temperatures in check.) I additionally played some long Destiny 2 sessions on the machine and saw consistent, very high frame rates, even at the display’s full 1440p resolution.

Important note: Nvidia’s current 390.77 graphics drivers added a bug that disables the EON17-X’s overclock. Origin PC is working to fix the issue. The benchmarks above used older drivers with a working overclock. I retested the Tomb Raider games using 390.77. Rise of the Tomb Raider only lost a few frames of performance, but Tomb Raider dropped from 184fps to 170fps. Fire Strike actually gained performance after a system update. The EON17-X’s ample cooling still puts its graphics performance ahead of the pack even with the overclock disabled, and the issue doesn’t affect our final review score. If you buy the laptop, avoid Nvidia’s 390.77 drivers for now.

eon17x battery Brad Chacos/IDG

We test endurance by looping a 4K video with display brightness set to between 250 and 260 nits until the laptop dies.

Battery life is awful across the board, as you’d expect in notebooks carrying such powerful components. Nvidia’s G-Sync technology also imposes an endurance hit because it requires the Nvidia GPU to be active at all times, and each of the gaming laptops being compared here include G-Sync displays. Anyways, the EON17-X is a laptop with overclocked, desktop-class hardware. You shouldn’t plan on staying away from your charger for long.

Should you buy the Origin EON17-X?

The Origin PC EON17-X may be fearsomely potent, but it isn’t for everyone. If the heft doesn’t bother you but you don’t need quite this monstrous level of firepower, the Alienware 17 is worth considering. And if you don’t mind giving up even more performance to shave several pounds off the carry weight of your laptop, the Asus ROG Zephyrus and its GTX 1080 Max-Q GPU might prove enticing. Both will save you about $1,000 versus Origin’s notebook and deliver great gaming performance.

origin eon17x 5 Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

But neither of those truly compare to the EON17-X. This big, loud, no-holds-barred system delivers a much different value proposition than most gaming laptops do. If you’re doing heavy-duty work that can take advantage of the desktop Core i7-8700K’s abundant threads and high clock rate, no other laptop we’ve tested is even in the same ballpark as Origin’s beast. If you want a best-in-class gaming experience that pushes frame rates as high as possible in a self-contained, portable (enough) form factor, the EON17-X can’t be beat. Jump on this notebook if you’re looking for a true high-end desktop replacement rather than a powerful laptop that lets you game on the road.

Bottom line: The Origin EON17-X fills a very particular niche very well indeed, and we stand in awe of its brute force. You pay for its power, but Origin PC’s sublime out-of-box experience helps the laptop feel even more luxurious. Just don’t forget your charger and gaming headset at home. Performance this ferocious requires some tradeoffs.

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At a Glance
  • The performance of the Origin EON17-X's overclocked, desktop-class hardware embarrasses other gaming laptops, but it's heavy and loud. We're in awe.


    • Overclocked desktop hardware with best-in-class performance
    • Highly configurable
    • Superb audiovisuals
    • Satisfying keyboard and touchpad
    • Luxurious out-of-box experience


    • Big and heavy
    • Very loud fans under load
    • Short battery life
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