Try VR for cheap: The Google Store's selling the Daydream View headset for just $50

You can pick-up the Daydream View headset for 50 percent off from the Google Store until April 28.

daydream view pic

Virtual reality is still something of a curiosity despite the best efforts of Google and Android phone makers to push it to the mainstream (not to mention PC-centric companies like Microsoft, Valve, and Oculus). VR's sky-high entry costs are one of the major barriers to entry—but not today. The Google Store is selling the latest version of the Daydream View VR headset for just $50 through April 28. That's $50 off the usual price

The latest version of the Daydream View debuted in October. It offers high-performance lenses that are supposed to offer better visual quality and a wider field of view than the original. The original's FOV was 90 degrees. You'll need a Daydream-compatible phone like the Pixel 2 or a recent Samsung Galaxy S model to power the device.

When we reviewed the first Daydream View in November 2016 we noted that the platform didn't have a ton in the way of content. That's changed over the months and years, with the number of Daydream-compatible apps hitting 250 in late 2017.

If you have a compatible phone, the Daydream View VR is well worth it at this sale price.

[Daydream View VR headset for $50 at the Google Store.]

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