The Full Nerd episode 48: 2nd-gen Ryzen review, AMD vs. Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program

New AMD CPUs and GPUs (ish).

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In this episode of the Full Nerd, Gordon Mah UngBrad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray talk new AMD hardware, and newly named AMD hardware.

First up: Impressions from our 2nd-gen Ryzen processor review, which hit the streets Thursday. The small tweaks and upgrades add up to a much more well-rounded chip than first-gen Ryzen. And it goes blow-for-blow with Intel’s flagship Core i7-8700K too. As we said in our final verdict of the Ryzen 7 2700X, “Higher clock speeds and a massive multi-threading advantage push AMD’s CPU performance to new highs. The bundled Wraith Prism cooler and overall polish push it over the top. In the battle of Intel and AMD’s flagship processors, the clear winner today is the Ryzen 7 2700X.”

In case you missed it, The Full Nerd crew also interviewed AMD’s senior VP of computing and graphics, Jim Anderson, about 2nd-gen Ryzen technical details, Wraith Prism’s design, X470 motherboards, the state of multi-core computing, whether Ryzen’s multi-module design could carry over to GPUs, why there’s no Ryzen 7 APU, and more. Check it out!

Next, AMD dragged the mysterious, hotly debated Nvidia GeForce Partner Program into the light last week as Asus dumped the Republic of Gamers branding from AMD hardware and debuted the Radeon-exclusive “Arez” brand instead. AMD says more Radeon-exclusive brands are on the way from its hardware partners, and that the company is dedicated to open standards and choice in PCs. After you’ve heard what we say here, check out The Full Nerd’s interview with Kyle Bennett about Nvidia’s GPP. Bennett is the editor-in-chief of HardOCP and published the initial allegation reporting what the program requires.

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