Bethesda reveals Fallout 76

Surprise! The next Fallout game isn't a Fallout 3 remake.

fallout 76

"Please Stand By." The familiar Fallout crawl went up on a Twitch stream yesterday, as Bethesda began to tease something related to the series. And tease, and tease, and tease. For nearly 24 hours, nothing really happened—there was a bobblehead, a Vault Boy puppet, all sorts of weirdness.

But the stunt culminated this morning in the reveal of Fallout 76, which is already available to preorder on Amazon. Pretty shocking—I had my money on a 10-year-anniversary remaster of Fallout 3 personally, not an entirely new game. Take a look:

Now the question is: What kind of game is Fallout 76? Is it in fact a new Fallout proper, similar to Fallout: New Vegas last generation? On the surface that's certainly what it appears to be. Those assets definitely look like Fallout 4 assets, so a full-on Fallout set around the mysterious Vault 76 could be one solution.

The teaser's so light on detail though, it could really be anything. Some sort of Sims-esque Vault construction game? A Fallout battle royale? Give me a genre, you could probably make a case for it.

We'll know more soon, of course. Bethesda's E3 press conference is scheduled for June 10, less than two weeks from now, and I expect we'll get some much-needed answers there. Stay tuned—or please stand by, you might say.

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