Scuf Gaming's luxurious controllers draw inspiration from Forza and... astroturf?

Scuf Gaming was building controllers for enthusiasts long before the Xbox One Elite arrived. We go hands on with the Scuf Impact Turf and Scuf Forza Elite gamepads.

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Long before Microsoft decided to make the superb Xbox One Elite controller, there was Scuf—maker of custom high-end gamepads of all sorts. Actually, when Microsoft made the Xbox One Elite controller, it partnered up with Scuf for accessories and implemented many of the company’s iconic design elements.

Point being: Scuf makes great controllers.

Scuf also makes wild novelty controllers though, and at E3 2018 that was mostly what we were interested in. We chose the two most unique gamepads we could find: The Scuf Forza Elite ($370) and the Scuf Impact Turf ($220). Let’s put it this way: One, I would definitely own. The other...well, maybe not.

The Forza Elite’s gimmick? It’s themed around Forza Motorsport and the famed Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Gleaming silver with black and red highlights, with the Forza logo on the front and a Porsche logo emblazoned on the top, it’s a gorgeous controller even in photos. Holding it is the real thrill though, as both grips are clad in stitched Alcantara leather—the same as the 911 GT2 RS’s steering wheel. It’s one of the fanciest controllers I’ve ever held.

And the Scuf Impact Turf? It’s—wait for it—covered in astroturf. Okay, not real astroturf. It’s more of a felt or something. I’m no fabric expert. It looks and feels so damn strange though, and while it’s comfortable to hold at first I have to imagine long gaming sessions with it would get sweaty fast. Still, the novelty of it right?

You can get a closer look at both in the video above. We didn’t do much with them, just showed them off a bit, but I’m always glad to stop by Scuf and see what they’re up to. Controllers are so regimented these days, with stock first-party options the default, it’s great to see some interesting designs even if I’m mostly content to use an Xbox Elite controller at home.

Mostly. That Forza Elite controller is damned luxurious.

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