Best Raspberry Pi gaming cases

These Raspberry Pi cases may be tiny, but they unleash huge waves of nostalgia.

You can use a Raspberry Pi for all kinds of projects, but a popular option is putting the tiny, affordable line of computers to work as retro-gaming consoles. Building your own RetroPie emulation console allows you to play Atari, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation 1 games on a single system, and in crisp HD to boot.

To go the final mile with a RetroPie system, you can dress up your little computer in a variety of retro-console cases. The ones we’ve found are some of the best available, though be warned: They invoke incredibly warm and fuzzy feelings.

  • NESPi Case+

  • Pitari

    $24.99 MSRP $24.99
    on Collector's Craft
  • Super Kuma 9000

  • Mini PlayStation PS1 Case

    $39.99 MSRP $39.99
    on Megabit
  • GameBerry Retro Case

  • Mini N64 Case

    $32.99 MSRP $32.99
    on Megabit
retroflag nespi case
  • NESPi Case+

NESPi Case+

If you’re having trouble getting the hot-selling Nintendo NES Classic, don’t worry: You can make your Raspberry Pi look just like the vintage system. This highly-reviewed case from Retroflag pays homage to the classic 1980s Nintendo console, which featured the likes of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby’s Adventure.

The NESPi Case+ is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Raspberry Pi 3 B, and Raspberry Pi 2 B. Among its standout features are support for safe shutdowns and resets, functional power and reset buttons, and an LED power indicator.

pitari case


This 3D-printed case for the Raspberry Pi 3 takes its inspiration from the Atari 2600, the revolutionary gaming console first released in 1977. Drop your Raspberry Pi into one and it’ll always look ready for long bouts of Space Invaders.

The Pitari features a pinewood panel, power and data LED lights, and ports for power, USB, ethernet, microSD, and HDMI. The case also has rubber feet to make sure your Raspberry Pi doesn’t slide around. Bonus: You can make customization requests for that wood panel when ordering.

super kintaro
  • Super Kuma 9000

Super Kuma 9000

Head back to the early 1990s with this Raspberry Pi case inspired by the Super Nintendo. With your Pi encased in the Super Kuma 9000, you’ll feel right at home playing SNES classics like Super Mario Kart and Super Metroid.

The Super Kuma 9000 is designed for the Raspberry Pi 3, 2, and B+. The case comes with an aluminum heatsink to protect your Pi from overheating, which the company claims will make your Pi run 21.5°C cooler. It also has functional power and reset buttons, and an LED power indicator.

playstation 1 raspberry pi

Mini PS1 Case

The Mini PS1 Case is pricey at $40, but its details make it worth a look—like the labels, which other PlayStation 1 cases lack.

This case also comes with a nice selection of features. It has a bright red LED power indicator, fan support, two front USB ports, functional power and reset buttons, and a USB extender. An ethernet port opening is available by request: If you want one, be sure to mention it when you place the order. 

The Mini PS1 Case fits the Raspberry Pi 3 and 2.

  • GameBerry Retro Case


Here’s another Raspberry Pi case that’ll have you reliving the 1990s. This case pays tribute to the original GameBoy—and yes, you can play that handheld console's games (including the ultra popular Tetris and Pokemon Red and Blue) on a RetroPie.

One of the GameBerry's nicest features is a clear window that allows you to see your RPi's LEDs. It also comes with a heatsink, rubber feet, and stainless-steel screws. Oh, and it’s made in America! The case works with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 3, 2 B+, and 2.

retropie n64

Mini N64 Case

Megabit’s cases are on the expensive side, but the attention to detail makes them worth the money. Like the Mini PS1 Case, the Mini N64 Case has elements that make it look just like the original console—and you can even customize the label on the game cartridge! We just want to plug in a controller and fire up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

That said, this case’s main selling point is its appearance. The main feature is an LED power indicator, though you can also request a heatsink. (It doesn’t come with one otherwise.) This case is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.