The Full Nerd ep. 59: Core i7-8086K overclocking and CPU soldering with Steve from Gamers Nexus

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In this episode of the Full Nerd, Gordon Mah UngBrad Chacos, and Adam Patrick Murray are joined by special guest Gamers Nexus editor-in-chief Steve Burke!

GamersNexus digs deep into enthusiast PC hardware, so we spend some time talking to Steve about his extensive adventures overclocking Intel’s new Core i7-8086K processor, which has no problem hitting 5GHz across all cores. And by adventures, we mean adventures; Steve delidded his 8086K and used liquid metal to improve thermal and acoustic performance. He talks about the results, and whether stripping the integrated heat spreader off your CPU is as scary as it sounds. (Spoiler: Nope. Mostly.)

We’ll be giving away a Core i7-8086K signed by Intel client computing VP Gregory Bryant soon. You can get a peek at it in this episode, though we haven’t opened entries yet. Stay tuned!

Also stay tuned to hear the gang talk about motherboard quality, whether you should liquid-cool your SSD, more chip questions, and a viewer Q&A section chock-full of wholesome Gamers Nexus memes. 

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