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How to Hack (Legally) & Get Paid For It

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Do you want to learn how to hack into the latest and greatest security systems? Does the idea of stripping down an organization’s defenses excite you? If you answer yes to both, we hope you put your enthusiasm to good use as a white hat hacker!

In this day and age, data is worth more than gold, which is why hackers are doubling down on their efforts to secure you and your company’s precious info. In the wake of major data breaches against organizations like Facebook and Yahoo, the demand for computer security experts has risen—and so have the options for training (more on that later).

How do I become a white hat hacker?

White hat hackers (also known as ethical hackers) are computer security experts who use hacking techniques to penetrate an organization’s security systems. This process would otherwise be improper, but a white hat hacker's goal is to find vulnerabilities in a security system and patch them up, so better measures can be made against their malicious counterparts.

To become a white hat hacker, you obviously need to learn how to hack. From formal bootcamps to virtual classes, there's no shortage of training opportunities out there, but for those looking to learn on their own time—and without taking out student loans, the Pay What You Want: Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle is a solid choice.

This e-learning bundle includes beginner courses that will teach you the fundamentals of hacking, as well as advanced courses for seasoned security professionals. By the end of this e-learning collection, you’ll have the skills necessary to land a role as a white hat hacker, as well as the know-how to ace one of the industry's top certification exams. We suggest putting your newfound security skills to ethical use only.

E-learning & different types of hacking

When we think of hacking, a flurry of numbers, technobabble, and NCIS re-runs may come to mind. However, there are different types of security systems, each with their own defined methods of hacking.

One of the fundamental skills a hacker must learn is penetration testing, which is essentially a method for exposing threats in a security system. Once you’ve identified vulnerabilities, you’ll be able to secure your system from future attacks. You’ll learn this and more hacking fundamentals in the Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch, Practical Hacking 2018, and The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced 2.0. Some advanced skills include payload creation, cloning websites, and accessing the dark web.

Next is web hacking, which is covered in Web Hacking for Beginners. Web hacking involves exploiting a website’s security through methods like SQL injections, CSRF attacks, XSS vulnerabilities and phishing.

Another major target for hackers is Wi-Fi, and three of the courses in this bundle cover how to detect vulnerabilities in your network’s security. You’ll learn how to use Kali Linux for pen-testing, perform Denial of Service attacks, and use Nmap to scan a network for vulnerabilities. Once you’ve got that down, you can move on to advanced techniques like pre-connection and post-connection attacks, deauthentication attacks, creating fake access points, and more.

Becoming a CISSP-certified white hat

The most important course in the bundle is undeniably the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course, which will train you for your CISSP certification exam. This course will teach you about common security architecture frameworks, cryptography, legal regulations, and more. Upon completion, you’ll be able to ace your CISSP exam and finally land a role as a white hat hacker!

The courses in the Pay What You Want: Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle range from as little as $24.99 up to $250. In total, the bundle boasts a $1,140 value, but you can get the entire collection for a price you choose. 

Simply pay what you want, and you'll instantly take home one of the collection's courses. Beat the average price paid, and you'll get the rest at no extra charge. Kickstart your ethical hacking career for a price you choose when you pick up the Pay What You Want: Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle. 


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