Price war! Now several 120GB SSDs are selling for a ludicrously low $28

Buyers are the ultimate victor.

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When we saw Amazon selling 120GB Kingston A400 SSDs for $28 earlier this week, we shared the deal with you as quickly as possible. Just $28 for an SSD! That’s a ridiculously good price for fast storage, and we didn’t expect it to last long. But get this: Instead of fading away, that deal is still going strong—and unbelievably, other SSD makers have dropped prices to match it.

Two other 120GB budget SSDs now straddle the Kingston A400’s $28 price. The PNY CS900 costs $30 on Amazon, down from a $50 retail price, while the Silicon Power S55 is now $27.

We haven’t tested any of these models, but like we said in our initial Kingston coverage, don’t expect them to crack our list of the best SSDs. But no matter: even the slowest SSD blows away the performance of the fastest mechanical hard drives. The 120GB capacity of these drives is more than enough to store Windows and your most-used software, which will unlock the faster startup times, speedy file transfers, and snappy responsiveness that SSDs offer. If your PC has room inside, you can leave the rest of your space-sucking files—documents, pictures, music, movies, and so forth—on the hard drive you’re upgrading from.

If you decide to pick one of these super-cheap SSDs up, our guides to installing an SSD in your laptop and moving your data from a hard drive to an SSD can help you through the process. Don’t wait long though. This budget SSD battle may currently be showering buyers in ludicrously good deals, but somebody’s bound to blink sooner or later. Right?

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