At PAX West? Come celebrate the PC's greatness with us, Gamers Nexus, Corsair, and PCMR mods!

Come see Gordon Mah Ung, Gamer's Nexus Stephen Burke, PCMR's Pedro10 and Logan Saso, and Miss Magitek and CuriousGe0rge of Corsair at this star-studded PC panel at PAX West.

pax 2018

If you’re at PAX West this Friday, stop by Corsair’s bi-annual PC gaming panel where you can hear community experts discuss and debate the greatness of the PC and PC Gaming.

You’ll get to hear, see, and interrogate:

  • Pedro19 and Logan Saso of the PCMR subreddit 
  • Missmagitek and GloriousGe0rge of Corsair
  • Stephen Burke of Gamers Nexus
  • PCWorld’s own Gordon Mah Ung

The panel will take place at 7:30 p.m. PDT on August 31, in the Sandworm Theater on the 2nd level of the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle, Wash.

Will Nvidia’s mysterious new GeForce RTX be discussed? Will you find out if AMD is better than Intel? There’s only one way to find out. See you there.

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