Stick this compact, $6 dual-port USB wall charger in your bag and stay powered up anywhere

You can get an Aukey dual-port wall charger with adaptive charging and a foldable plug for about the same cost as a couple of lattes.

aukey wall charger

Charging your gear is one of those annoying chores that sucks, especially in the middle of the day, but is also absolutely necessary. Nobody likes a dead phone. Today, Amazon’s got a deal on tiny, travel-ready charger that can power two devices at once, and do so a bit smarter than other chargers.

Aukey’s compact dual-port wall charger is $6 with the checkout code DR4VS3R4. That’s $5 off the usual price of $11, or nearly half off. You’re getting a nice little charger for about the cost of a couple of lattes.

This five volt charger features two ports with 2.4 amps total output, and it uses Aukey’s AiPower adaptive charging. This technology recharges your devices as fast as it can by delivering as much power as your device can take (up to 2.4A). Your devices are ready that much sooner, albeit only using regular charging methods since this charger does not support Quick Charge technology.

Aukey’s charger is also compact, making it a great choice for travel, though the prongs—while foldable—are not swappable. If you want to take this overseas you’ll need an adapter.

[Today’s deals: Aukey dual-port wall charger for $6 with code DR4VS3R4 at Amazon.]

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