This week in games: Mythological Assassin's Creed monsters, Prima Games plans its last strategy guide

Gaming news for November 5 to 9

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
IDG / Hayden Dingman

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Not much news this week. Maybe it’s the post-Red Dead slump, or the post-election slump, or maybe the pre-holidays slump. November’s got quite a few releases though, so there are a handful of launch trailers below for Hitman 2 and Battlefield V, plus a release date for Tannenberg, more monsters for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and an obituary for strategy guide printer Prima Games.

This is gaming news for November 5 to 9.

A longer odyssey

I already sunk 60-plus hours into Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey so the prospect of going back for more is...daunting. If you’re looking to extend your stay in Ancient Greece however, Ubisoft’s adding a bunch of stuff to the game in November—new questlines, a new mythological creature, more items, and a level cap bump. Check out the video below for more details. Oh, and it’s all free. That part’s important.

Sunset Over-confirmed

Sunset Overdrive’s all-but-confirmed for a PC release at this point, but in case you needed further confirmation: PC Gamer spotted this listing on SteamDB that quite clearly features Sunset Overdrive key art, despite no other details. That’s interesting, as it indicates (like Quantum Break) that Sunset Overdrive is probably considered a “third-party” game by Microsoft despite being an Xbox One exclusive up to this point. Apparently Insomniac retained the rights to distribute on Steam instead of being locked to the Windows 10 Store.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll hear an official announcement soon.

Battlefield “launch”

Battlefield V either releases on November 20, on November 15, or it’s already out, depending on who you ask. The game went live for super early deluxe access players (paraphrasing) this week, so I guess it makes sense EA releases a launch trailer to go along with it—even if the rest of you need to wait almost two more weeks to play.

Boat-man 2

Hitman 2’s also got some release date malarkey going on. It’s “releasing” on November 13, but we’ve already reviewed it, and if you paid extra for the Gold Edition you could be playing right now. So uh, again, here’s a launch trailer.

Armistice Day

Verdun sequel Tannenberg finally nailed down a proper release date. The realistic World War I shooter’s been in Early Access for about a year now, but will exit to a 1.0 release on February 23. We’ll have to see how the multiplayer population holds up, but as a Verdun fan I’m itching to give Tannenberg a go.

Long live GameFAQs

Growing up I loved perusing strategy guides. This was back in the pre- and early-internet days, when full-color books were the preferable way to find Pokemon strategies or Metroid secrets.

Of course, in the internet era it’s easier to type “Hitman 2 walkthrough” into Google and let a million sites and streamers work their magic, so I’m saddened but not surprised to hear Prima Games, probably the largest and most prestigious strategy guide company, is shutting down in 2019. Best of luck to everyone affected, and I’ll pour one out for all the hours I spent as a youth reading through those books, often before I’d even bought the game.

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