Solid-state drive prices get even more ridiculous: This 240GB SSD is just $30!

The 240GB Kingston A400 is $30 on Amazon right now.


Sweet holy moly the prices of SSDs just keep on dropping! Right now, Amazon is selling a Kingston A400 240GB 2.5-inch SSD drive for $30. This deal has been around for a few weeks now, but we still love it simply for its ultra cheap price. It’s the nearly the same price as a 120GB Kingston A400 we spotted for $28 in July—a price we called ludicrous at the time. (That drive is $20 now. Ludicrous.)

240GB isn’t great for capacity, but it’s an awesome option as a boot drive on a desktop PC, or as a hard drive replacement on a secondary laptop that doesn’t require much storage space. We haven’t reviewed this particular SSD, but it seems to be well reviewed on Amazon—and for $30 how can you go wrong, really?

The drive uses a SATA III interface. Kingston says it has a 500 megabytes per second read speed, and a 350 megabytes per second write speed. That’s not incredible performance. Our favorite SSD for most people, the Samsung 860 EVO, has promised read speeds that are slightly faster at 550MB/s and significantly faster write speeds at 520MB/s. Still, the improved performance of the Kingston SSD over a hard drive will be massive, and immediately noticeable.

[Today’s deal: Kingston A400 240GB SSD for $30 on Amazon.]