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Fastest and cheapest cell phone providers in 2019

fastest and cheapest cell phone providers in 2019
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Fastest and cheapest cell-phone providers in 2019

We use our phone daily for calling, messaging, emailing, planning and sharing. If you depend on your phone to go through your day, then you need to make sure you've got the best cell phone, provider. If you are looking for the best mobile provider, you may need to check several things, including the phone plan duration, mobile connection capacity and data storage. Nonetheless, most customers want to know how to get the cellular plans at the lowest cost with the most benefits. We will break down the fastest mobile providers for unlimited plans with current prices, as well as verified promo codes and offers for extra savings.

Knowledge is power, and we recommend comparing different brands to find the best cellular plan suited to your needs. Good news is that we have done the work for you. We compared mobile phone data speeds as well as the monthly purchases of popular phone plans.

AT&T offers Unlimited &More data plans for customers to download movies and songs, live stream with unlimited calls and messages. There are two unlimited plans: the AT&T Unlimited &More and AT&T Unlimited &More Premium. The cheaper choice from the two plans is the Unlimited &More for $70/mo. However, unlike the premium plans that allow you to stream your shows and videos in HD quality, the regular plan offers video quality of 480p. Keep in mind that the data speed 4G LTE Data is similar for both plans. If you are paying for several lines, then you can expect to pay $40 for four lines with the regular mobile plan, and $48 per line with the premium plan.

Next on our list is Sprint's Unlimited Basic plan for $60/mo. This plan offers unlimited data and calls with 500 MB LTE mobile hotspot. However, the video streaming quality is 480p, and if you would like to watch in HD, then you need to upgrade to the unlimited Plus plan for $70/mo. The unlimited premium plan from Sprint offers the same streaming speed but additional benefits such as the Lookout Premium Plus and free calls and text with almost 200 worldwide destinations. Read more about Sprint unlimited calls, text and data for life.

Boost Mobile is also operating by Sprint Corporation and offers unlimited mobile plans as low as $35/mo. With SD quality streaming, unlimited music streaming and 3 Gigs 4G LTE and 2 Mbps for gaming. If you would like a faster streaming plan, HD streaming and 8 Mbps for gaming, then go ahead and get the $60/mo. plan. Find more details about Boost Mobile phone plans at PCWorld coupon codes.

If you thought the price is not getting any lower than $60, then you are wrong. TracFone recently announced a new smartphone plan with unlimited text and calls for $20/mo. Keep in mind that once the 1 GB data gets used, calls and text will be disabled and the streaming quality is not ideal. If you are saving up for a trip or a new car, this is the perfect phone plan for you.

Last on our list is Verizon Wireless with a monthly plan of $70 with 480p DVD quality streaming with free Apple Music for six months. Still, for better quality and faster speed, the best choice is $80/mo. plan with 720p HD-quality streaming and once you add $10/mo. Upgrade to 5G to receive unlimited 4G LTE up to 25 GB and stream 4K movies without buffering, promising effortless downloads in seconds.

So, who's our winner?

The fastest cell phone provider does not guarantee the cheapest plan and vice versa. Figure out what is the main priority for your mobile carrier and find the best plan for you. Focus on finding the mobile plan suited for you. Are you currently a student? If you wish to pay less to save more, then you can switch to TracFone for a cheap unlimited cell phone service and pay $20/mo. If you are a family individual that pays several lines, then consider AT&T's offer of $40 for four lines with the regular mobile plan, and $48 with the premium plan because other brands demand a relatively higher price. Although Sprint and Boost Mobile offer good prices with HD video streaming, Verizon Wireless offers the best 4G LTE data as well as 5G phone service upgrade for an ultimate experience for $10/mo.

For those who depend on their phone for their weekly schedule, navigation, storing files and even business video meetings, then Verizon Wireless is the perfect choice for your smartphone. With the 5G you can have your next Skype meeting while you're on the road, with a speed of 500 kph, you can stay connected with the desired quality. For discounts on phone plans, electronics and gadgets, you can explore PCWorld for the latest promo codes and coupons.

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