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Grab one year of this critically acclaimed password manager for just $30

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Strong passwords ― those that use lengthy combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols ― are one of the best ways to protect against hackers. Despite this, most people use overly simplistic keywords to protect their accounts, as this article from Forbes points out. Which is what makes having a password manager, like NordPass, so necessary, especially for anyone who wants to mitigate risk.

NordPass is a subscription service that manages the security of all your accounts. It creates complex computer generated passwords, which are essentially unbreakable, and puts them in place on your banking details, emails, social media, and more. And it creates a different password for each individual account so that, in the very unlikely event one of them does get hacked, your other accounts won’t be automatically compromised.

The benefits of this arrangement go way beyond the obvious security implications. The fact is, we waste a lot of time trying to memorize and recall passwords. We’d wager that every reader has experienced, at least a few times, the frustration of being locked out of an account because they couldn’t remember the password they had set up six months prior. This is time that cannot be regained and the anguish is very real.

With NordPass, however, you won’t waste any more time or suffer any further frustration. At least, not as far as your passwords are concerned. Instead, you’ll rest easy knowing that hackers will have a hard time accessing your accounts. And, that is more than worth the price of membership — and especially right now since the cost of a one-year subscription, which normally costs about $60, is discounted by almost half.

Look, no one should take chances with account security. Especially when you consider how easily the risks can be mitigated. Put suitably complex passwords on all your accounts for one year with a subscription to NordPass, now discounted to $29.99.

NordPass Password Manager: 1-Yr Subscription - $29.99

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