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Home office essentials from Apple

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How you can improve your home office workstation with these apple products

Working from home can be convenient, properly organized, and even fun. Upgrade your workstation by equipping yourself with an iPad, AirPods, or a MacBook Pro by having shortcuts, better performance, and flexibility. Continue reading to find out more on all the great features that these products have and learn how you can change your work routine for the better. Check out PCWorld for the latest Apple offers.

MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful notebooks

The Macbook Pro has more power than any other notebook. It means you can multitask or use heavy tools for 3D modeling or encoding videos, without having to sacrifice the speed and the performance of your MacBook.

What makes the MacBook Pro experience even better is the new Touch Bar. Replacing the main function keys for scrolling and exiting browsers, this Touch Bar can also expand the screen and change brightness and volume settings. By tapping and flicking, you will learn how to quickly change settings and switch between apps. To improve navigation in all the apps you download, the Touch Bar will change settings to match the app you are using. So, if you are watching a recorded lesson, you can slide to rewind the clip and tap to pause and write down notes. Customize the Touch Bar to your prefered settings to better your working or studying experience, and improve your productivity by navigating through shortcuts. Students and educators save up to $200 on a new MacBook Pro with education pricing. Plus, fast, free shipping.

Move freely with magical AirPods

The great thing about AirPods is that they are simple to use and you can walk around your house without needing to carry your phone. Aside from this great convenience, once switched on, the AirPods will stay connected to your device all day. You don't need to worry about missing out on your song or podcast, because the AirPods are equipped with optical sensors and motion accelerometers that can sense when they are placed in your ears. When you put them back on, they will resume playing and you can continue where you left off. These active noise-canceling headphones provide you with high-quality sound, perfect for online meetings or listening to a playlist while working. For multi-taskers, you can command Siri to call someone, answer messages, or even to turn down the volume without having to touch your iPhone or AirPods.

Shop the new AirPods Pro, $249 plus free personalized engraving, including emojis. Personalize your new AirPods, iPad, iPad Touch, or Apple Pencil with your name or even a funny catchphrase.

An iPad can be a better fit for you than a computer

An iPad could be your next can't-live-without essential. Being lightweight and thin, you can easily carry it around without the extra muscle. you can smoothly navigate between folders and apps with a swipe of a finger, scan files with the LiDAR scanner, and send it away with one click.

When you turn a part of your home into an office space, you might expect to lose papers and pens. To make it easier for you to write down quick notes or mark items off a list, you can use the Apple Pencil and write, mark, and save. Eliminating the hassle of looking for a pen and paper. You can also create a digital design and express yourself in various and different ways. You can write handwritten letters or create infographics for your class and be able to share them through various channels. With the inner camera, you can participate in online meetings or classes with the best camera quality. The iPad also includes accessibility features that support vision, hearing, mobility, and learning needs. Through Voice Control, you can verbally command your iPad to write down notes as well as edit them without the physical touch. For artists, you can enjoy creating and experiencing the best 3D designs and 4k video quality with the iPad Pro. From online meetings to creating designs, you can download all the apps you need and have them all in one place.

You should re-evaluate whether you can improve some processes or tools that are currently hindering your work day. Knowing the benefits of AirPods, iPads, and MacBook Pro for home office, you can find a solution to improve your productivity and focus by upgrading your devices with Apple. Purchase your Apple products online and receive fast, free, no contact delivery.

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