Control Your Smart Home Network Security from Anywhere, Anytime

Trend Micro’s Home Network Security solution makes it easy.

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Many of us have a tough time managing security on our home network devices from a web page on our desktop or laptop computers. If you’re on a road trip and your loved ones for some reason asked you to monitor or manage their home devices remotely, you’d probably respond, “Fuggedaboutit!”

Now you can nod and say, “Sure.”

There’s actually quite a bit that goes on inside that network router sitting in your home. But as PC World observes, it’s the “device that everyone forgets” even though it has passwords to set, firmware to update, and a bunch of IP addresses to manage for every device that uses it as a gateway to the internet. But when it comes to managing the security of each of those connected devices, it’s pretty useless.

Don’t be overwhelmed

Home network security can sometimes be overwhelming if you have to keep track of multiple devices ranging from laptops to smart speakers. But it really doesn’t have to be so difficult. Trend Micro’s Home Network Security (HNS) solution, a hardware device that comes with a smartphone app that makes it easy to control your internet-connected devices from inside or outside of the home.

Once you plug the Trend Micro HNS device into your router, you’re automatically covered by a broad range of top-notch security technology, including:

  • Anywhere, Anytime Visibility and Control. Manage your network with the easy-to-use, real-time smartphone app. Customize the internet for family and guests with the touch of a button. Grant or block access to new computers, phones, tablets, or smart home devices entering your network.
  • World-Class Protection. HNS taps into Trend Micro’s World-Class AI security system to protect your home network and all the devices on it from network intrusions, malicious websites and files, intranet or internet-based malicious behavior, system vulnerabilities, and privacy and network access violations.
  • Advanced Vulnerability Detection. A Vulnerability Check assesses connected devices for high-severity vulnerabilities that have been exploited in the wild. Once a vulnerability is detected, HNS provides users with guidance on how to resolve it.

Yes, security can be easy to manage

You’re to be forgiven if you have the impression that top-notch security and ease-of-use are incompatible concepts. After all, most connected devices are designed by engineers who have their own perspective on how to implement security that’s often disconnected from everyday users. But Trend Micro believes that as our homes get smarter and more connected, network security should become friendlier to users, eliminating the need to set up a complicated configuration or read a technical report.

That’s why they’ve designed HNS to easily monitor and manage security for all your home network-connected smart devices through a single app on a mobile phone. Once the HNS station is plugged into your router and a power outlet, you simply have to download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store and pair it with the Trend Micro device to get up and running.

Block inappropriate content and websites

HNS automatically checks to see what devices are connected. You’ll be able to assign devices to particular family members and block your kids from accessing inappropriate websites and content. You can also apply rules for when your kids can use the internet.

It’s easy to block threats, set up access control, and scan devices from the app. Best of all, you can monitor and manage this while you’re away from home. Download the Trend Micro Home Network Security app to scan your home Wi-Fi environment and identify the potential risks of your connected devices for free.