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Should I Use a Password Manager?

keeper security password manager
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Since it was Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, it was recommended to install a password manager for increased protection. Having a password manager helps keep unwanted eyes from accessing your phone and important mobile applications. Other reasons you should have a password manager are increased security, cross-platform usage, and most importantly, you don’t need to remember ten passwords for eight different websites or mobile applications.

As there are many free and paid password manager software available, the question is how to choose a password manager. Some of them might not be very reliable, and so we recommend Keeper Security.

How to use Keeper Security

Keeper Security has many features that help secure your devices and apps. Besides being an effective password manager, it also has a myriad of distinctive functions such as a private messenger, DarkWeb monitoring, and a report of activities among others. You can even purchase add-on features if you feel that you need them

Other than personal security, you can also download Keeper Security for your business and enterprise. This allows you to control who has access to your files and folders. By managing and assigning roles to your employees according to their clearance levels, you can set up who has the clearance for which files and limit access whenever you wish.

You can download Keeper Security on the official website, but activating it might require payment.

Is Keeper Security Safe?

Yes! Keeper Security is safe for managing your passwords. The developers at Keeper designed their own cybersecurity architecture to reduce the chance of hackers and other malicious criminals stealing your information. You can even install Keeper Security on your phones, tablets, and computers all at once. This cross-platform flexibility allows you to keep and maintain only one product across all your devices and reduces the need for confusion.

Other than personal security, you can control your business and enterprise’s access to sensitive documents, as we discussed above. One more plan is for MSPs or managed service providers. MSPs can give licenses out to companies that want to use Keeper Security and also install the software on devices as providers

As seen here, Keeper Security is very upfront about its protection and services. Many users trust the password manager to keep their information safe from any criminals who might have a reason to steal it

Is Keeper Security Free?

Yes and no. For personal use, you can download it immediately for a 30-day free trial, after which payment is required for continued use. The prices vary depending on which plan you decide to purchase. They are listed on a per-month basis.

  • For Personal plans, it starts from $2.91/month
  • Family plans start from $6.21/month
  • Business plans have a per-user and month plan, with a $3.75 minimum
  • For Enterprise users, it is $5/month

The costs for the latter two increase as more users are included in the plan. We also have promo codes for Keeper Security available for you on PCWorld!

Spread the word to increase internet safety by installing a password manager and telling others to do the same. The safer the internet is, the better it is for everyone except for hackers and cybercriminals, of course

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