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All signs point to retail one day take place exclusively online. And that day may come sooner than you might think. Shopping malls, after all, have been shutting down all over the country. Brick and mortar stores, even those that have been around for decades, are closing left and right. The entire retail landscape is evolving before our very eyes, and the pace of this change seems to be growing every year.

The point is, retail establishments that refuse to change are going to get left behind. It’s not, however, too late to embrace change. In fact, one might argue that there’s never been a better time than right now. Case in point: .STORE domain names, which were designed especially for web-based e-commerce applications, are being offered today at ridiculously low prices.

As far as domain extensions go, .STORE is the relatively new kid on the block. And that very fact offers some pretty significant advantages. First and foremost, it’s easy to find and secure a memorable and recognizable domain name that fits with your particular business. If you tried to do that with some of the other extensions out there, we’d reckon that you’d be out of luck. Or, if by some remote chance you did find something, you can expect to pay a small fortune in return.

Secondly, a .STORE domain attracts more customers as it explicitly implies that your website is there to conduct business. It’s like adding an extra layer of marketing into your operations without taking on any kind of measurable overhead expenses. With other domain extensions, visitors have no idea what a website’s purpose is at first glance. But with a .STORE domain, the meaning is easily understood right from the get-go.

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Lastly, .STORE domains connect business owners to a larger community of people, all working towards the same thing. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of successful businesses running .STORE websites right now — from small startups to huge multinational corporations and celebrities like Nike, Amazon, Lorde, Jimi Hendrix, the Boston Celtics, and the LA Lakers, just to name a select few. 

Of course, we aren’t suggesting by any means that only existing businesses should get a .STORE domain name. Anyone, in fact, who’s dreamed of one day owning their own business and being in control of their own financial independence should seriously consider getting a domain now while the choices are plentiful. Even if your start-up isn’t fully fleshed out, finding and purchasing a domain name now is a really smart idea.

At some point, very soon, retail operations in this country and around the globe will be run entirely via the web. It may not happen today. It may not happen tomorrow. But it will come sooner rather than later. And, when it does, having a .STORE domain name for your web-based business could make all the difference, especially when you consider how little you will have paid upfront to get it.

Right now, purchase a .STORE domain name for one year at just $4.99. Or, if you are forward-thinking and want to prepare for future success, secure your domain name on a five-year term at just $39.99 or ten years for only $69.99. Your choice will depend on your needs, but the long term cost of all three are negligible when you consider the potential income that an e-commerce website can provide.

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