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Dyson is a well-known brand when it comes to small appliances such as fans and heaters, vision-friendly lightning, hair care products, and most of all - vacuum cleaners. The Dyson range of products is pricier compared to other home appliance brands, however, their quality is unbeatable and guarantees lifetime satisfaction. With Black Friday 2020 approaching, we are expecting bargain offers and sales as well as Dyson coupon codes. If you are considering purchasing a new vacuum cleaner for less but still hesitant which one to go for, read our review below on the different types of vacuum cleaners available from Dyson. 

The classic Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners

When you think of Dyson, the cordless vacuums come to mind first. We've all seen the elegantly designed, lightweight and flexible vacuum cleaners. Prices vary based on the selected model, but you can find them for as little as $299.99. They vary based on their run-time, gallon bin capacity, torque cleaner head, power modes, and included tools.

The most popular cordless vacuums, according to user reviews are:

Dyson V11 (4 models available): This is the most powerful cordless Dyson vacuum, which comes with a 0.50 gallon bin capacity and the longest run-time of up to 120 minutes. You will receive eight free tools that can be used with Dyson V11. That's the most tools any Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with! You can purchase it starting at $599.99.

Dyson Cyclone V10 (2 models available): The second most powerful cleaner, Cyclone V10 provides up to 1 hour run time and three power modes to choose from. It is considered to be 55% more powerful compared to its predecessor, Dyson V7. While it does not have the Dyson DLS Technology torque head, like the Dyson V11 model, this handy vacuum cleaner comes with a built-in air filtration system and a torque drive cleaner head. Prices start from $499.99.

Dyson V8 (2 models available): The V8 runs on average just over half an hour and is the second-best performing vacuum cleaner from the less powerful ones. Its gallon bin capacity of 0.14 gallons is not the biggest, but this cordless vacuum is ideal for quick surface cleaning which doesn't require too much effort. Take it out when you need to clean up dirt in the kitchen or living room within a few minutes. Choose one of the two available models from $399.99.

Dyson V7 (3 models available): With a washable filter and direct drive cleaner head, Dyson V7 is a favorite daily cleaning solution. The most affordable among the cordless vacuum cleaners, you can buy it for as little as $299.99. Dyson often offers discounts on the V-series vacuums, so keep an eye out for an even lower price.

Dyson upright vacuums with Ball technology

If you prefer a deep-cleaning vacuum, consider the upright vacuum cleaners. They have a sturdy design and are equipped with the famous Ball technology. This technology allows the vacuum to roll on a ball, making it extremely easy to maneuver around edges and different surfaces, including soft and hard floors.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 (2 models available): As the name suggests, this vacuum is perfect for those with pets at home. This model will get rid of the deepest signs of dirt, hair, and fur left behind by your pets, as well as any traces of allergens laying around. It has the strongest suction among the upright Dyson vacuums and has been certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. These vacuums are available from $499.99 but you can find them for $200 less on different occasions.

Dyson Ball Multifloor 2: Light, powerful, and available in bright yellow, the Ball Multifloor 2 vacuum is perfect for cleaning all sorts of carpets and hard floors. It comes with a motorized brush bar, which allows it to clean the deepest dirt in your carpet whether it's from mud or spilled liquids. Vacuum dirt from under the couch or behind dressers, cabinets, and other tight spaces. Turn it around as you move around your home without any effort. Order it today from $399.99.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball: This model requires the least maintenance, no vacuum bags, and no need to wash the filters. This Dyson vacuum consists of 36 cyclones that help the air move around while preventing any clogging of particles. It's a handy model, also ideal for households with pets, carpets, and hard flooring. It comes with eight tools which include a stair tool, combination tool, mattress tool, and a multi-angle brush. Store all your tools in a discreet tool bag and order the Cinetic Big Ball for $699.99 today.


Your home will be sparkling clean with any one of Dyson's vacuum cleaners. Plus, it gets better with Dyson Black Friday approaching. Not only will the Dyson vacuum cleaners be available with discounts during the biggest sale event of the year, but with every Dyson model you will receive free tools worth between $75 and $100. The value of the free tools is based on the chosen model. All you need to do is to register your purchase on their website and select the tools you'd like to combine with your purchase before check out. Make sure to check all of the Dyson offers available with PCWorld coupons and save on your chosen vacuum cleaner today.

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