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The future of conversational marketing tech is here


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Conversational marketing has become a favorite method among leading marketers, and for good reason. First, it delivers on the key pillars we can use to describe today’s consumer preferences: personalization, on-demand access, and convenient messaging tactics. It’s also a creative way to capture customer insights at a time when data is becoming more protected. 

Today’s consumers are finally paying attention to their privacy and demanding more control over how their data is acquired and shared. In response, the top players in the tech field are catering to the public by making fundamental changes that offer them the control they seek – and these changes will no doubt have lasting effects on how marketing, retail, and e-commerce will work. 

Data privacy is top of mind 

Apple and Google have already yielded to consumer (and federal regulation) desire for data privacy. Google announced the discontinuation of cookies on Chrome, the preferred browser for about 60% of web users. Apple recently rolled out iOS 14.5, which offers privacy settings so users can control the information that apps and websites can get. All of this is a pretty big deal for marketers and advertisers, though the top minds in these fields have already moved on to the next frontier.

Conversational marketing with chatbots 

Conversational marketing is made easy with platforms like Spectrm. Brands can build their own chatbots, designing everything from the conversation flow to tweaking the algorithm based on learnings from past interactions. It’s unique because it actually is conversational, and it can be deployed on the most popular channels people are already on. And with 85% of brands struggling to engage their customers when they want to chat, it’s ideal to have a high-performing chatbot on hand, catering to customers on their preferred platforms, on their time.

Don’t miss out on Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is the perfect place to gather first-party data insights via one-on-one automated conversations, not to mention that it's the most-used messaging app in the United States. It works across the customer lifecycle, too – not just when customers have a query. Help people discover your brand by starting conversations, engage potential shoppers with individualized recommendations and make conversions as easy as a couple of clicks. This simplified workflow benefits your team and also provides a seamless experience for shoppers, fostering brand loyalty and lasting relationships. 

A case for Direct Messaging on Instagram

Automating your direct messages on Instagram is a must. Not only do users consult Instagram to discover new products and find product information they trust, but the platform has become a native space converse with brands, influencers and friends. Instagram sees 375 million monthly DM users, and 75% of users would also rather engage with brands using a private messaging channel like this over traditional channels. With that notable statistic in mind, it makes sense that brands turn to Spectrm to automate DM chats that drive more ecommerce sales and provide better customer experiences. Customers want instant and personalized experiences. Instagram DMs are one of the best places to convert those high intent moments of discovery into sales for your business.

A major marketing and growth hack 

Spectrm gets things going quickly, so companies can start engaging their current and prospective companies sooner than later. What’s more, the results are long-lasting. The point of conversational marketing automation is to enhance the customer experience and build trust, which is that much easier when you have a chatbot you’ve designed yourself. While the customer is free to choose their own journey, you can (automatically) be there every step of the way, asking relevant questions that inform recommendations and also deliver important data to internal marketing teams. When providing a memorable experience is at the forefront of your brand, you can rest assured customers will notice, and they’ll be back. Get started with a no-commitment demo from Spectrm today.

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