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Alaina Yee is PCWorld's resident bargain hunter—when she's not covering PC building, computer components, mini-PCs, and more, she's scouring for the best tech deals. Previously her work has appeared in PC Gamer, IGN, Maximum PC, and Official Xbox Magazine. You can find her on Twitter at @morphingball.

amazon trailer

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Everything you need to know about Amazon's shopping event

Amazon's big deals event will be held in June this year. Here's what you need to know about the retailer's upcoming sale bonanza.

pcw record audio win10 1

How to record audio files in Windows 10

Whether you want to record voice memos or lay down some tracks, you can do so easily in Windows.

intelnuc11ek front cropped

Surprise! Intel will launch Beast Canyon, a small-form-factor-sized gaming PC, later this year

At Computex 2021, Intel teased Beast Canyon, a chunky successor to the Ghost Canyon NUC, a oversized modular mini-PC released last year.

thefullnerdlogo live

Watch AMD and Nvidia's Computex press conferences live with us!

A few signs suggest that AMD and Nvidia's Computex 2021 keynotes could give PC enthusiasts cause for celebration after a difficult year. We're intrigued.

HDMI cable on a wood floor

Best HDMI cables for monitors: The differences matter

Need a new HDMI cable for your display setup? Grab one of these.

the full nerd thumbnail from live show

The Full Nerd ep. 178: Rumors about RTX Ti variants, big CPU changes, and a push for ATX12VO

In this episode of The Full Nerd, the crew tackles all the latest rumors about RTX Ti variants, possible changes for upcoming Intel and AMD CPUs, and a world where ATX12VO reigns supreme.

swift x sfx14 41g 02 cropped

Acer’s Swift X puts Ryzen 5000 and RTX 3050 Ti in the hands of creatives

The Swift X combines Ryzen 5000 with Nvidia’s newest mobile GPU to provide creative professionals a powerful but lightweight laptop. And of course you can game on this laptop, too.

computer fans laid out in a grid on a wood table

How to tell which way your fan is blowing

Intake? Exhaust? Here’s how to quickly determine which side of your fan is which.

pcw command prompt thumbnail

6 Command Prompt commands you should still be using

Over time, the need to fire up the Command Prompt has waned—but a handful of its commands remain easier to use than Windows 10's graphical equivalents.

Zoom feature primary image

3 ways to up your Zoom game: Banish common meeting headaches

No delays in unmuting yourself. No more glimpses of your messy home despite using a virtual background. Our tips fix these problems and more.

Amazon Prime Logo on a blue background

9 benefits of an Amazon Prime membership

Amazon’s paid subscription includes services beyond fast shipping and streaming video. Here are the best of the bunch.

intel processor

Does using Nvidia's DLSS require a better CPU? | Ask an expert

Nvidia's tech eases the workload of its RTX graphics cards, so will a budget or older CPU bottleneck performance?

the full nerd episode 177 thumbnail

The Full Nerd ep. 177: Intel Tiger Lake H review, Nvidia cripples GeForce crypto mining

In this episode of The Full Nerd, we discuss Tiger Lake H performance and the upcoming limitation on RTX 30-series hash rates.

pc front panel connectors

When will front-panel pins become standardized? | Ask an expert

Every DIY builder knows this frustration, and yet, it’s persisted for decades.

tfn21 176 tfnep176

The Full Nerd ep. 176: Tiger Lake H45 revealed, Ryzen 5000U battery concerns debunked

In this episode of The Full Nerd, we discuss Intel's new 45W Tiger Lake H processors, Ryzen 5000U performance while on battery power, and Nvidia's official RTX 3050 Ti reveal.