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Amber writes about lifestyle and mobile tech, including fit tech, mHealth, travel, home automation and more. In her non-tech time she takes too many pictures of her cats, watches zombie movies, crochets, and plans out her next tattoos.

Pain-free parking apps give you one less thing to whine about

If a free app can save you from getting a parking ticket, or wasting gas while hunting for a space, you better believe it's worth a download.

New app for winos invites you to Drync up

The "Shazam of wines" launched Wednesday with updated inventory and shipping features.

Review: The LifeTrak Move C300 is a fitness device for first-timers

It's not going to turn any heads, but for $60 you could do worse.

Craig doesn't live here: Roommates app expands to new cities

Come and knock on my virtual door.

Weather or not: Minutely can tell you if you'll need a sweater

Because "it's 65 degrees" doesn't always tell the whole story.

The LifeTrak Move C300 hopes you're in the market for yet another activity tracker

The newest fitness tracker on the block, the LifeTrak has a full array of features—and a low price.

Zagat's back with new apps and a revamped website

Google drops the paywall, providing all-you-can-read restaurant reviews for free.

Evernote makes your meals look better with app updates

If you're going to take pictures of your food, they should at least be good pictures.

Hazard ahead! Apps for quick roadside assistance

Flat tire? Fine. Out of gas? Great. Need a tow? Terrific!

Review: STM’s Velo 2 is an uncommon messenger bag

With some unique features, the STM Velo 2 is more than just a messenger

RunKeeper gets a second wind with new training programs

New features in the app help you plan out a personalized training program.

Review: Ogio's Covert is a surprisingly capable small bag

This horizontally-oriented messenger is great for lightweight luggage jobs.

Review: Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale is heavy on data

This scale not only measures your weight—it can also chart it, graph it, and sync it to several other fitness-tech devices.

Review: ECBC Poseidon Messenger is a colorful briefcase-style bag

This slender messenger bag is highly functional and professional looking.