password pill

Kill all passwords by eating them, says PayPal

Traditional biometrics such as finger prints and iris scans will be out of date before payment firms adopt them

Farmer using computer 96681919

Farming industry must embrace the Internet of Things to 'grow enough food'

Smart farming could help in soil preparation, planting, harvesting, and monitoring livestock.

microsoft logo

U.K. lad is youngest ever Microsoft Certified Professional at five years

Like father, like son. A five-ear-old boy peered over his father's shoulder to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft's OS.

Zealous Internet filter blocks Hamlet as 'violent content'

The unreliability of internet filters has been demonstrated at the British Library, where its Wi-Fi network blocked an author from reading an online version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, as it was deemed to contain "violent content."


Jimmy Wales says David Cameron's porn filters are 'ridiculous'

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, a key technology adviser to prime minister David Cameron, has slammed the government's demand that ISPs should introduce porn filters by default, saying the move is "ridiculous".


Facebook puts its data into cold storage (literally)

Facebook has opened its first data centre outside the U.S., using 100 percent renewable energy and operating on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Sweden.

US pulls ahead of Europe in next-gen mobile services

The next-generation European mobile market is lagging well behind the U.S., according to the GSMA industry organization, which represents worldwide operators and handset manufacturers.

airbus A320

Dell teams with Airbus to help pilots take flight data digital

Airbus has partnered with Dell to provide electronic flight bag systems for A320 airliner operators worldwide.