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project inception

The powerful PC hardware of Computex 2018

Computex gives us a glimpse of what to expect from PCs this holiday season, and friends, things are looking GOOD.

vpnhub pornhub

Pornhub launches VPNhub, a VPN service with free, unlimited bandwidth

Pornhub's VPNhub service lets you browse the web—not just adult videos—without ISPs looking over your shoulder.

security protection / defenses / protocols

That Russia router malware threat might be worse than feared: What you need to know

The FBI recommends rebooting or even resetting your router to avoid sophisticated "VPNFilter" malware by a group tied to Russia. Here's what you need to know.

radeon freedom of choice

AMD's game-smoothing FreeSync tech makes its living room debut in Samsung QLED TVs

AMD's gameplay-smoothing Radeon FreeSync technology now works on select Samsung QLED TVs as PC gaming continues its march towards living rooms.

riotoro morpheus

Riotoro's wild Project Morpheus case shape-shifts from compact to colossal

Riotoro's Project Morpheus concept case converts from micro-ATX to a full tower and dedicates itself to optimal airflow.

gigabyte aorus memory

Gigabyte gets into RAM with Aorus RGB Memory

Gigabyte's Aorus RGB Memory includes two dummy "RGB-Infused Demo Modules" to bring the bling to all four RAM slots.

microsoft github celebrate

Microsoft buys GitHub for $7.5 billion, promises to keep it independent and open

Microsoft is acquiring code repository GitHub for $7.5 billion.

ryzen tech

ASRock leaks four unannounced 2nd-gen AMD Ryzen processors

A CPU compatibility chart for an ASRock motherboard reveals four 2nd-gen Ryzen processors that AMD hasn't announced yet.

westerndigitalblack3dnand rightangle 1tb hr

The WD Black 3D, our favorite NVMe SSD, drops under $100 in an unprecedented sale

The Western Digital Black 3D is our favorite NVMe drive and it's 25 percent off during Amazon's one-day PC hardware sale.

nvidia geforce

New GeForce graphics cards inbound? Nvidia will discuss its next-gen GPU at Hot Chips

Nvidia will talk about its "Next Generation Mainstream GPU" at Hot Chips in August, suggesting that new GeForce graphics cards will launch this summer.

kcd deep games primary

These 20 deep, absorbing PC games will eat days of your life

These long PC games demanded to be played for days, not hours—and your tenacity will be rewarded.

steam link app

Apple kills Valve's Steam Link iOS app, but you can still stream PC games to Android

Valve's Steam Link app will stream games from your PC to your phone across your home network, freeing you up to play anywhere you'd like. But probably the bathroom.

steam spring cleaning

Steam's Spring Cleaning event encourages PC gamers to clear out their backlog

Steam Sales are all about buying new games cheap, but the Steam Spring Cleaning event focuses on spending time with what you already own.

asus arez strix

No, Asus didn't cancel Radeon-exclusive Arez GPUs

Several major websites ran articles claiming the new Asus Arez GPU brand was already dead, but the Arez Twitter account was a fake.

install intel cpu motherboard

What you need to know about Speculative Store Bypass, the Spectre-like 'Variant 4' CPU flaw

Google and Microsoft discovered a new CPU flaw related to Meltdown and Spectre. Take action, but don't panic too much about Speculative Store Bypass.