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Microsoft Surface Laptop

The $799 Surface Laptop makes Microsoft's sleek MacBook Air rival more affordable

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2 models slash starting prices by hundreds of dollars.

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How to build a PC: A step-by-step guide

Wondering how to build a PC? Our comprehensive guide can help you through the entire process, from installing the CPU and the Windows operating system, to proper cable management.

mitx ryzen build 8

How to build a powerful, portable mini-ITX Ryzen gaming PC

Here's how to build a powerful, 6-core mini-ITX Ryzen gaming PC that you can tuck under your arm for a LAN party.

hp omen desktop

Don't build a gaming PC right now. Buying one premade can save you hundreds of dollars

It's much cheaper to buy a premade gaming PC than building your own computer, thanks to surging memory and graphics card prices.

Best Graphics Card hub primary image

The best graphics cards for PC gaming

These are the best graphics cards that PC gamers can buy today from Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon.

kaby lake 7700k

Stop installing our buggy Spectre CPU firmware fixes, Intel says

Intel is telling users to stop installing CPU firmware patches for Spectre exploits, after most modern PCs fall prey to reboot problems.

kano kit primary

Kano Computer Kit Complete review: A fun DIY 'laptop' that teaches kids to build PCs and code

The Kano Computer Kit Complete teaches children how to build a PC, then how to build software with code. It's great.

amd processor closeup

Microsoft patches its earlier Meltdown patch for AMD PCs, allowing them to boot

The emergency Windows 10 Meltdown patch was bricking some AMD PCs, forcing Microsoft to halt its roll-out for impacted systems. Now, Microsoft has patched its patch.

meltdown spectre

Is your PC vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits? InSpectre tells you

Steve Gibson's free InSpectre tool tells you if your PC is patched against the Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits.

ryzen threadripper 1950x 2

AMD processors will get a firmware update for the Spectre CPU exploit, but it's optional

AMD will patch Ryzen, Threadripper, Epyc, and other CPU firmware to protect against Spectre CPU attacks, but unlike Intel's, they're not critical.


10 big CES reveals that PC enthusiasts need to know about

After a blockbuster 2017, the PC stood strong at CES 2018. These are the announcements enthusiasts need to know about.

geforce gtx 1070 ti 7

Nvidia updates graphics drivers to protect against Spectre CPU attacks

Nvidia's new patches for GeForce, Quadro, and other graphics cards include mitigations for the devastating Spectre CPU exploit.

asus bezel free kit on

The wild Asus ROG Bezel-Free Kit uses light refraction to make monitor edges vanish

Attention multi-monitor gamers: The Asus ROG Bezel-Free Kit makes those ugly edges invisible.

nvidia freestyle

Nvidia GeForce Experience's FreeStyle feature adds Instagram-like filters to your games

The Nvidia FreeStyle tool lets GeForce Experience change the look at feel of your PC games.


Nvidia's free GeForce Now beta lets you stream games from the cloud to your crappy PC

It's later than expected, but GeForce Now for PCs is ready to turn cheap laptops into full-blown gaming rigs.