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Lazy Glasses let you lie down to game, read, or watch TV

ThinkGeek has a new pair of specs perfect for your more lazy, horizontal moments of leisure.

Cat Lucky

Cat sings Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' (and five other nerdy song covers)

Here's something worth sharing during your coffee break: five nerdy song covers, all as ridiculous as the last.

Stop-motion Donkey Kong

Making a stop-motion version of Donkey Kong is not for the faint of heart

Forget 8-bit, this stop motion video sees Donkey Kong in lots and lots of bits.

Gif or Jif

Developer Arguments gives you yet another place to debate how to pronounce 'GIF'

A site guaranteed to get your geeky blood boiling, ‘Developer Arguments’ puts forward tech's greatest rivalries for you to debate.

DekkoScan for Minecraft

This app could make it easier to recreate real-life objects in Minecraft

DekkoScan is set to take all the hard work out of recreating objects in Minecraft by way of 3D scanning.

Play Tetris on this LED-equipped tie and leave onlookers puzzled

Tetris and tech combine to bring you this snazzy 8-bit DIY tie. Fancy!

Pregnancy Belt lets expecting fathers feel every baby kick

Diaper-maker Huggies is developing a belt for soon-to-be fathers to wear, letting them experience every kick of their new baby in real time.

This quadrocopter serves up sushi, doesn't fish for tips

Japanese restaurant chain Yo! Sushi is trialling table service with a difference — food delivered to you via quadrocopter.

Oscar Mayer wants you to give the gift of bacon this Father's Day (no, really)

Bacon experts Oscar Mayer has introduced a range of bacon gift sets just in time for Father's Day. Is this the perfect gift?

Lego walks among the treetops with the Star Wars Ewok Village

Love them or hate them, the cuddly Ewoks of Return of the Jedi are to get their very own Lego set.

Video: Pigeons can use touchscreens, surprisingly aren't that great at Angry Birds

Pigeons enter the digital age, using their honed pecking skills to solve touchscreen problems.