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windows 10 hp stream

How to reinstall Windows like a pro

It's super-easy to reinstall Windows 10 or 8, and not much more difficult to reinstall Windows 7. Use these tips to get the most out of a reinstall.

The PlayStation 3 console.

Sony agrees to pay millions for removing Linux support from the PlayStation 3

You’ll be eligible to receive $55 if you used Linux on your PS3, if the settlement is accepted.

Google Play on the ASUS Chromebook Flip.

How Android apps transformed my Asus Chromebook Flip into an entirely new device

Chromebooks become much more powerful with full access to Google Play.

Fedora 24's default wallpaper.

Fedora 24 arrives with GNOME 3.20 and under-the-hood improvements

The Linux distribution known for innovation doesn't yet feature Wayland as its default display server, but it could by the next release.

ubuntu snappy

Ubuntu’s 'Snap' packages may be the future of software installation on every Linux PC

Snap packages will make it easier for developers, allowing them to code once for a variety of Linux distributions.

Linux Mint 18's default desktop background image.

Linux Mint 18 'Sarah' is now in beta, with a final release expected soon

Linux Mint 18 includes a move to an Ubuntu 16.04 base, adoption of the controversial systemd, and improvements to the desktop.

Tails, the anonymity-focused Linux distribution with deep Tor integration, reaches version 2.4

Tails 2.4 includes improvements to the Mozilla Thunderbird-based email client, Tor Browser, and GNOME desktop, among other changes.

angry linux penguin

Debian and Fedora users are debating systemd’s latest controversial change

At issue is the initialization software's practice of automatically killing a user's process when they log out.

Google's Network File Share for Chrome OS app

Chromebooks can now seamlessly access Windows network file shares

Google's new app, available in the Chrome Web Store, lets you easily access files on a network server from within Chrome OS.

radeonr9fury topangler rgb xl

AMD's gaming-optimized AMDGPU-PRO driver for Linux is in beta

A new gaming-optimized AMD driver is good news for 3D gaming on Linux, especially SteamOS.

asus chromebook flip both modes cropped

Why not all Chromebooks will get Android apps

Google's five-year-lifespan policy doesn't necessarily include support for new features.

WRT1900ACS front

Linksys WRT routers won't block open-source firmware under new FCC rules

While Linksys takes action over FCC rules, TP-Link and others take the easy route, blocking third-party firmware on their routers.

b113 pixel2 silver applauncher

Android apps on Chrome OS show the failure of the web as an application platform

With access to the Google Play Store and Android apps, Chromebooks are leaving the web behind—and becoming more powerful.

bq aquaris m10 ubuntu tablet mwc 2016

Hands-on with the BQ Aquaris M10: The first Ubuntu tablet is here, but it’s not quite finished

Finally, the BQ Aquaris M10 is the Ubuntu convergence device that Canonical's been promising—only it's a tablet without a clear audience.

The top of the Automative Grade Linux dashboard console.

Automotive Grade Linux: An open-source platform for the entire car industry

This Linux-based operating system could be to cars what Android has been for mobile devices.