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best home weather station hub art

Best home weather station: Which one should be your personal meteorologist?

Home weather stations are getting more accurate and sophisticated all the time. Follow our buyer's guide to find your own personal meteorologist.

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ambient weather ws 5000

Ambient Weather WS-5000 weather station review: High-end features for less

The WS-5000 has its quirks, but it supports lots of optional sensors and it sports best-in-class smart home capabilities.

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surfboard max ax6600 lifestyle

The Arris Surfboard Max is a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router

The new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 router was announced at CES 2021.

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husqvarna automower 435x awd pic 3

Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD review: Expensive, but packed with features

It’s a lot more mower than most people need, but if you have the yard—and the budget—for it, this labor-saving beast delivers.

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tempest and hub

WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System review: The best home weather station available

This home weather station will tell you everything you need to know about your local weather with market-leading accuracy.

tvision primary

TVision by T-Mobile review: This streaming TV service shows promise, but it’s not what cord-cutters want today

If you don’t like making sacrifices in your TV entertainment choices, and it’s available where you live, TVision isn’t a bad deal. But subscribers should be prepared to feel like beta testers.

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Iris Smart Hub

Lowe’s will shut down its Iris by Lowe’s smart home platform on March 31

Consumers who purchased Iris by Lowe’s components that can’t be used with other systems can file for compensation.

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acurite atlas primary

AcuRite Atlas weather station review: It comes to market almost two years late, but it was worth waiting for

This is one of the best home weather stations you can buy, but the one area it's lacking is in smart home integrations.

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ambient weather ws 2902 osprey primary

Ambient Weather WS-2902 Osprey Weather Station review: The best choice for smart-home buffs

You'll encounter a quirk or two, but this home weather station offers everything an enthusiast could want.

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BloomSky weather station/webcam review: Your eye on the sky

More webcam than weather station (unless you purchase an add-on kit), BloomSky still holds some appeal as an adjunct tool for weather enthusiasts.

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vantage vue sensor suite2

Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station review: The Cadillac of home weather stations is showing its age

Most any weather enthusiast will recommend Davis, but is the name alone still enough to justify the price tag?

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smile shade nuvu

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts millions; these high-school-age inventors have an antidote

The Life Light can turn a window into a phototherapy system.

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