Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Meet the guy who built a Lego microscope that actually works

If you or your kids want to learn about biology while having fun, make a microscope out of Lego. Carl Merriam did.

One kid's open-source robot will paint you a pretty picture

This painting robot aims to make both art and technology fun—it also paints in color!

Astronaut explains how to wash hair in zero gravity, makes us thankful for showers

Ever wondered how you wash your hair in space? Wonder no more with this astronaut's explanatory video!

Legobot is a DIY 3D printer made entirely from Lego bricks

While this Lego 3D printer isn't exactly a MakerBot, it does let you make sugary candy and stickers for cheap...

Think your cat is even lazier than you? Use a FitBit and find out for sure

Want to see how much your cat works out? Strap on a FitBit tracker for fun results!

Mario explores delicious 8-bit levels in these six-second videos

Actor and artist Hunter Harrison posted two six-second Vines that feature the first level from the origial Super Mario Bros 8-bit game from 1985.

Comet ISON celebrates the 4th of July with its own lightshow

If you have a good telescope handy, get outside and spot the bright Comet ISON.

Let your dog become master of the house with a bark-enabled back door

Give your dog the power to do its business without your aid with a Raspberry Pi unlocking door.

Lego wedding dress looks even more uncomfortable than a regular wedding dress

Many women go crazy when picking their dream wedding dress as they try to find something unique. This Lego wedding dress might be the most unique of them all.

Meet Buttercup, the duck with the 3D-printed foot

This duck was born with a deformed foot, but 3D printing means he will soon walk again.

See where in the world people tweet from with this map

MapBox’s Tom MacWright, along with and data artist Eric Fischer, used geotagged tweets to map out the location of tweets as well as which type of phone that person tweeted from.

The sauce is strong with this ketchup AT-AT Walker

Kill time at work by building up 'Star Wars' vehicles with ketchup packets, apparently.

Meet hot, single cats in your area with Adult Cat Finder

Well, meow. If you’re determined to find your beloved kitteh their purrrrfect partner, you should try out Adult Cat Finder.