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Samsung+ makes it easy for novices to get help with their Samsung devices

Got a friend or family member who keeps calling you for tech support? You'll want to install this app on their device.

pushbullet settings

Pushbullet's CEO explains why the app is shifting towards a paid model

Paying for features that were once free is a bummer, but Pushbullet's Ryan Oldenburg explains why he had to start charging.

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watch urbane 2nd edition 1

LG explains that display issues killed the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE

The company blames the watch's botched release on components that "could potentially impact" use of the device.

holidaygg android

10 awesome gift ideas for Android users

Not sure what to get your Android lovin' pals for the holidays this year? We can help.

joaquim verges

Android Influencer: Joaquim Verges on making the official Twitter app better for Android

Twitter's newest Android engineer discusses his adventurous journey as an Android developer.

opx 2660

OnePlus X review: An inexpensive phone that doesn't feel cheap

The OnePlus X is a surprisingly good device for $250, but it’s missing some essential features.

gs6 checkin 2630

6 months with the Galaxy S6 Edge

How does Samsung's flagship phone hold up over time? Here's what it's been like living with it every day.

tim qbking77

Android Influencer: Tim Schofield's YouTube channel is all about simplifying Android

He's known as QBKIng77 on YouTube and he's helped make even the hardest of Android tasks easy enough for anyone to attempt.

priv 0201

BlackBerry Priv review: If you simply must have a physical keyboard

BlackBerry’s first stab at an Android phone is a pretty decent attempt. But will it be enough to save the company?

nexus6p or5x 2589

Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P: Which one should you buy?

It's the toughest dilemma Android fans have faced in ages, but we can help you choose one of Google's great new Nexus phones.

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When two become one: Google to fold Chrome OS into Android

The two operating systems will no longer exist as separate entities.


Android Influencers: Nextbit’s head honchos hope to revive some of that old school Android spirit

We caught up with Tom Moss, Scott Croyle, and Mike Chan to find out how Nextbit hopes to inspire the rest of the industry.

opx 018 black front left 01

OnePlus announces the OnePlus X, a smaller phone with older specs

OnePlus also hopes to show its design prowess with this new phone by introducing a new black glass and metal aesthetic.

onea9 0170

HTC One A9 review: A stylish iPhone clone that isn't worth its premium price

HTC would have a hit on its hands if it weren't so optimistic about how much you'd be willing to pay for this small, mid-range phone.