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gears2 9490

Hands-on: Samsung's Gear S2 throws a wrench into the wearables scene

It's not the prettiest watch out there, but Tizen OS offers some neat tricks that Android Wear currently doesn't.

moto360 2ndgen 9528

Hands-on: The 2nd-gen Moto 360 is probably the next best Android Wear smartwatch

It's good-looking, has good specs, and you can customize the style to your liking.

zenwatch2 9441

Hands-on: The ZenWatch 2 almost convinces me to wear a smartwatch every day

It'd be nearly perfect if it weren't for the Asus bloatware.

huaweiwatch closeup

Hands-on: You probably can't afford the best-looking Huawei Watch

Huawei wants Android Wear users to see its Watch as a fashion statement. And it’s hoping you’ll spend the money to prove them right.

zenwatch2 sizes

Asus officially announces the ZenWatch 2 in two flavors

The Android Wear watch comes in two sizes to fit both smaller and bigger wrists.

edgeplus 9366

Galaxy S6 Edge+ review: Samsung’s great, big, unnecessary phone

It’s fast and nice to look at, but the Edge+ is one splurge you'll really have to consider.

note5 9333

Galaxy Note 5 review: Continuing Samsung's reign as the King of Phablets

Seriously, we didn't think that the Note series could get any better, but it did. This phone-tablet puts even the smaller Galaxy S6 to shame.


Benchmarked: The Galaxy Note 5 and Edge+ run faster, last longer than the Note 4

Rather than bump up the numbers, Samsung focused instead on optimizing its new phablet device to make it more powerful and more battery efficient.

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note5 camera

5 new and improved camera features in the Galaxy Note 5

The Note 5 and S6 Edge+ use the same sensor as the Galaxy S6, but Samsung added a few new software tricks.

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google marshmallow

M is for Marshmallow: Google quietly announces the official name for Android 6.0

Google's latest "sweet treat" name for its mobile operating system is the safe and predictable choice.

note5 2471

4 new and noteworthy features of the Galaxy Note 5's S Pen

Samsung's stylus is back and supercharged with some helpful new features.

note5 2504

Hands-on with the Galaxy Note 5: Samsung's phablet has still got it

Samsung knocked it out of the park with the Galaxy S6 earlier this year; it will prove lightning can strike twice with the Note 5.

edgeplus 2513

Hands-on with the Galaxy S6 Edge+: Did we really need a bigger version?

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the perfect example of how Samsung sometimes does too much, too soon.


Samsung launches the pen-driven Galaxy Note 5 and the mega-sized Galaxy S6 Edge+

The Galaxy Note 5 has been completely revamped, while the Galaxy S6 Edge exists to placate those who just wanted a bigger version of the existing phone.

motog 001 31

Review: Motorola's Moto G is the best smartphone for around $200

The third-generation Moto G is better than its predecessors, and it offers a camera that actually snaps nice photos!