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oneplus one

What the OnePlus 2 needs to do to restore my faith in OnePlus

A hot new phone with killer specs is great, but OnePlus needs to turn around its business practices if it's going to be successful.

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messenger icon

Google updates Messenger with adorable stickers and location sharing

It's still a pretty barebones text messaging app, though.

zenfone windows7

Windows 7 running on an Asus ZenFone 2 is too cool not to share

There's no real world usage for this kind of hack, but it's pretty neat to see nonetheless.

galaxys6active 9228

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is the adventurous phone you wish you had the lifestyle for

This is a great phone for adventurous outdoor types, but if you're not, you're better off with a regular Galaxy S6.

Rumor: Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be big phones with different processors

Samsung may introduce two mega-sized phones this fall. One will allegedly use an Exynos processor, while the other will default back to Qualcomm.

The best Android phones you can buy today


Picking an Android phone is hard, but we can help. These are the best phones; the ones you should consider bringing home.


Android Influencers: Touch Lab's Kevin Galligan and Jeff Namnum chat Android apps and iOS ports

Android development is hard work—made harder by the new set of design guidelines Google's put forth. So what it's like to make an app?

androidwear watchface01

See all 17 of the Android Wear watch faces Google unveiled today

Look out Apple Watch: From Hello Kitty and Moomin, to Lulu Frost and Cynthia Rowley, Android Wear's watch face variety just keeps growing.

zenfone2 2118

Asus ZenFone 2 review: Don't judge this phone by its cover

It may look bulky and cheap on the outside, but its 1080p screen, generous storage options, and solid performance is worth its $300 price tag.


Microsoft: Cortana is coming to Android in July

It’s the blockbuster hit from Microsoft that you’ve been waiting for. Maybe.


Google launches program that pays hackers to hunt down Android security flaws

Android’s always been particularly community oriented, and now Google’s leveraging that aspect of it to help it make its mobile operating system more secure.

seang chau

Android Influencer: Motorola's Seang Chau chats bloatware, and Motorola's lack thereof

It's easy to fall into the bloat-y app trap if you're an Android manufacturer, but Chau insisted throughout our interview that Motorola resists the urge.

android vs apple ios

5 things Apple announced at WWDC that are 'borrowed' from Android

It's the same fight after every keynote: Who stole what from whom and which company does it better?

androidauto f0866

Android Auto review: The best way to get Google Maps in your car

It's safer than driving with your phone in your hand, but app support and reliability have a long way to go.

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