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fs 1984

Can't run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? Play the 1982 version in your browser

Is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 too much for your PC to handle? Well, you can at least play the 1982 version in a browser.

seasonic 12 pin power connector

Nvidia's 12-pin power connector for next-gen GeForce cards makes a lot of sense when you see it

Pictures of Nvidia's new 12-pin power plug show it will offer a significant size advantage over conventional connectors used in today's GPUs


How Microsoft Flight Simulator could spur 'billions' in PC hardware sales

Gamers will buy $2.6 billion in new PCs, CPUs, GPUs and more just to play the 2020 reboot of Microsoft Flight Simulator, an analyst predicts.

cheap monitor distance learning primary

Best cheap monitor for back-to-school, distance learning? Here's my answer

My relative asked for buying advice on a monitor for distance learning. Here's what I recommended and why.

intel ice lake u series

Intel defends AVX-512 against critics who wish it to die a 'painful death'

Intel has finally defended AVX-512 in laptops against Linus Torvalds, who hopes it dies a painful death.

a520 2

The AMD A520 is the 'home essentials' chipset for budget builders

The AMD A520 chipset, a slight upgrade over the previous budget A320, is for basic Ryzen PC builds with an eye toward the upcoming Zen 3 generation of CPUs.

geforce now beta on chromebook

We ran ray tracing on a $259 Chromebook with GeForce Now

We tried Nvidia's GeForce Now, which puts real gaming into Chromebooks. Will your Chromebook run GeForce Now? Probably.

nw stack of routers with ethernet cables unplugged by richlegg getty 157198729

How to speed up your home Internet and Wi-Fi on the cheap

You can speed up your home Internet and Wi-Fi for cheap if you're willing to buy used and do some things yourself. Here's how it worked in my home.

intel xe gpu tease

Intel plans Xe consumer graphics for laptops first, a discrete card in 2021

Intel's first Xe graphics part for consumers will go into laptops, but 2021 will bring the long-anticipated discrete graphics card with hardware ray tracing.

purpose built client

Intel's 'Client 2.0' computer of the future is a device customized to your needs

Intel's "Client 2.0" view of the future means the performance of the device is tailored to your needs, no one-size-fits-all solution.

SD Card Reader and UHS-II Card

Why your laptop's SD card reader might be terrible

We tested four modern laptop's SD card readers and found huge performance differences

GeForce ultimate countdown

Nvidia GeForce Ampere may arrive on August 31, tweet suggests

The Nvidia GeForce Twitter account hinted at an August 31 launch for its Ampere GTX cards, which would be the 21st anniversary of its "first GPU."

hp envy x360 1

HP Envy x360 13: An affordable laptop with Ryzen 4000 and other perks

With its Ryzen 5 4500U, the HP Envy x360 13 gives you premium performance without the premium pricing

macbook air 2020 gold

MacBook Air 2020 vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro (2016): Which would I buy?

Should you buy the 2020 MacBook Air or a used 2016 MacBook Pro 13? Here's the answer

intel logo mwc 2017

What's wrong with Intel, and how to fix it: Former principal engineer unloads

The principal engineer who worked on CPUs from the Pentium III to Core i7 says Intel has lost focus, and it's "lucky" AMD can't make enough CPUs to do more damage.