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razer blade 15 studio edition primary

The Razer Blade Studio Edition is for creative pros who like a little RGB, too

The Razer Blade Studio Edition will cater to content creators with Quadro RTX 5000, 8-core Core i7, 4K OLED, and of course, trademark Razer style.

all sd express card images highres

SD Express will support PCIe 4.0, but don't hold your breath

SD Express cards will support PCIe 4.0, but don't expect to see it on a camera or drone anytime soon. It's traditionally taken a while for new storage standards to take hold.

dell g5 15 se primary

The Dell G5 15 SE features Ryzen, Radeon and Smart Shift's 'free performance'

The Dell G5 15 SE is an all-AMD laptop that's affordable and still competitive with RTX laptops. We dig into the specs.

core i9 10900k 1

Intel 10th Gen Review: The Core i9-10900K is indeed the world's fastest gaming CPU

Intel's 10th gen Comet Lake S CPUs don't take the crown in multi-core performance but they close the gap enough that you may want to actually consider them.

area 51m front 2a

Alienware Area-51m upgradability: How the Holy Grail of laptop features eluded us

The sad tale of the Alienware Area-51m tells us why we'll never, ever see upgradeable graphics in a laptop.

dell xps 17 9700 primary cropped

Dell goes big with the XPS 17's debut: Everything you need to know

The Dell XPS 17 bring the popular XPS brand to a larger form factor laptop this summer, with a bezel-less design, H-class 10th-gen CPU, and up to RTX 2060 graphics.

xps15 side angle right green fill

Dell XPS 15: Everyone's favorite workhorse laptop finally gets upgraded

The Dell XPS 15 gets a long-overdue upgrade, offering slimmer bezels and 10th-gen CPUs. It leaves USB-A behind as well.

macbook pro 13 primary

The $1,799 MacBook Pro 13 vs. the $650 Acer Swift 3: Guess who wins?

We put a Ryzen-powered Acer Swift 3 against Apple's new MacBook Pro 13 and the results weren't pretty

ryzen pro 8 cropped

AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 chips take the fight to corporate laptops

AMD new Ryzen Pro 4000 CPUs feature memory encryption, fleet management features, and stable shelf life.

acer swift 1

Acer Swift 3 Review: Ryzen 4000 delivers insane performance for the price

The Acer Swift 3 is a budget laptop that's as fast as pricier, heavier models, thanks to Ryzen 7 4700U, an 8-core CPU based on AMD's 7nm Ryzen 4000 with Radeon graphics.

macbook pro 13 primary

5 laptops you should consider instead of the new MacBook Pro 13

Apple’s updated MacBook Pro 13 will get the most powerful 10th-gen Intel Ice Lake CPU available. But we can think of a bunch of Windows laptops that already outstrip it in features. 

ryzen 4000

Ryzen 7 4700U review: AMD's budget 8-core crushes Intel's 10th-gen chips, again

We benchmark the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U against the Intel 10th-gen Core i7-1065G7 and Core i7-10710U to see which offers the best CPU and graphics performance.

ryzen 4000 mobile cpu

Ryzen 4000 performance benchmarks: Ryzen 7 4700U beats Intel H-class mobile chips

We test the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U in the Acer Swift 3. Here are all the benchmarks we ran on this first laptop out of the gate.

dell xps 13 9300 front

Dell XPS 13 9300 review: The bezel is finally dead

The Dell XPS 13 9300 may not make a performance splash, but its 16:10 aspect-ratio touchscreen and dual biometric inputs still make a difference.

minecraft sun

Microsoft's free Minecraft for Windows 10 giveaway ends at midnight for Java players

Act now to get your free code for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition before it ends at midnight.