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razer thunderbolt 4 dock chroma kv

Of course Razer's swanky new Thunderbolt 4 dock and laptop stand have RGB

What your laptop needs is more RGB, and Razer's new laptop stand and Thunderbolt 4 dock deliver it in spades.

Aorus 17 with GeForce RTX 3080 and Core i7-10870H

How to tell which GeForce 30-series laptop is the most powerful

How can you tell whether a RTX 30-series gaming laptop is using Nvidia's higher-power "Max-P" GPU, or the lower-power "Max-Q" version? It's not easy, but we have some tips for figuring it out.

asus flow x13 rog xg mobile

Asus will sell the fab ROG Flow X13 without an eGPU after all

Asus decides to offer its awesome ROG Flow X13 with ala carte options

macbook pro m1 nov2020

Apple M1 vs. Ryzen 5000: MacBook Pro and Asus ROG Flow X13, compared

The 3-pound MacBook Pro with its M1 has made a splash with its performance. We face it off against the 3-pound Asus ROG Flow X13 with its Ryzen 5000 CPU.

geforce rtx 30 series reveal

Scalpers auctioned nearly 7% of new Xbox consoles and 50,000 GeForce GPUs

The latest data shows the impact of tariffs, how much Core i9-10900K dropped, and which brands of GeForce cards scalpers are hitting hardest.

asus dg1 iris max

Intel's debut Iris Xe graphics cards are headed to prebuilt PCs (but not for gaming)

Intel will sell a discrete desktop GPU aimed at mainstream users and small businesses.

ampere vs 20

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 mobile review: The fastest laptop GPU just arrived

Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 30-series laptops offer very impressive graphics performance, even compared to some of the biggest and heaviest laptops around.

ryzen 5000 mobile

Ryzen 5000 mobile review: AMD wins big in laptops

AMD’s new Ryzen 5000 is a powerful mobile CPU. We test it first in the Asus ROG FLow X13, a 13-inch, 3-pound convertible laptop that hammers competitors weighing twice as much.

ryzen 5000 mobile

Ryzen 5000 doubles AMD's gaming laptop share, but Nvidia still rules

AMD is gaining share in gaming laptops, but Intel continues to dominate, while Nvidia rules them all.


Asus talks about the new Rocket Lake chipset: Z590

Can you run an 11th gen CPU in an older Z490 board or run a 10th gen chip in a new Z590 mobo? We find out when we talk to Juan Jose Guerrero of Asus.

amd tfn

The Full Nerd: What you need to know about Ryzen 5000 mobile

AMD's Robert Hallock answers our questions about the new Ryzen 5000 laptop CPU.

nvidia geforce rtx 3080

Wait, did Nvidia just say it could make graphics cards for cryptocurrency miners?

Would Nvidia make graphics cards just for cryptocurrency miners? As GPU supplies remain lean, Nvidia's CFO considers priorities.

aorus 17g vc p008

Gigabyte unrolls GeForce 30-series with both Core and Ryzen CPUs

Gigabyte's Aero and Aorus get new hardware, while the G- and A-series will appeal to those on a budget

the full nerd ces 2021 intel talks rocket lake s 2

Video: Intel answers our Rocket Lake S questions

Brandt Guttridge, Intel’s senior director of the Desktop Products Group, appears on The Full Nerd to answer questions about 11th-gen Core, Rocket Lake S, and desktop gaming.

lisa su ces 2021 zen 3

AMD CEO Lisa Su talks: Chip shortages, GPU prices, more cores, Apple M1, and tariffs

AMD's Dr. Lisa Su talks about increasing supply, what Apple's M1 means for the chip industry, and how 16- and 64-cores aren't the end for CPUs.