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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Hands-on: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's fluid action and mobile levels make it no mere Dark Souls clone

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the protagonist's grappling hook arm literally changes the game.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue follows Never Alone in blending games and education, this time with BBC backing

A companion piece to the BBC's nature documentary Blue Planet 2, Beyond Blue takes you deep under the ocean to try and answer the question "What is the role of a scientist?" in the modern world—and also admire the fish.

Steam Logo

Steam adds Proton, making Windows games playable on Linux (at least in theory)

Last week it was just a rumor. This week it's real: Valve's added a games-centric compatibility wrapper into Steam for Linux.

TimeRide VR

TimeRide VR offers Gamescom visitors a fascinating virtual tour of Cologne's imperial age

TimeRide VR's tour of prewar Cologne drives home how effective the medium can be in educational circumstances.

battlefield v

This week in games: Battlefield V teases its battle royale mode, Deep Silver acquires TimeSplitters

Plus: Total War: Three Kingdoms shows off its campaign map, Devolver announces one of the most beautiful games ever, and we round up all the QuakeCon news (including 25 minutes of Doom talk). This is gaming news for August 13 to 17.

Robot Cache

Robot Cache, a Steam rival that lets you sell your 'used' games and mine cryptocoins, opens signups

The new Robot Cache store, founded by InXile's Brian Fargo, shakes things up for players and publishers alike.

Fnatic Streak RGB

Fnatic Streak RGB review: A gaming keyboard that punches well above its price

The esports company finally made an esports-worthy peripheral. The Fnatic Streak is, as of this moment, probably the best bang-for-your-buck RGB keyboard on the market.

Steam Logo

Steam may get tools to play Windows games on Linux and Mac, code deep-dive finds

Reddit discovered references to a "Steam Play" compatibility wrapper this week, and while there's no official announcement, it does indicate that Valve's support for Linux isn't over yet.

Corsair K63 Lapboard

Corsair K63 Gaming Lapboard review: Second time's the charm for couch gamers

Slimmed down and free of wires, Corsair's new Gaming Lapboard is what the oversized Lapdog should've been all along: Excellent for living room gaming, while still a proper living room device.

Corsair K63 Wireless

Corsair K63 review: A wireless, Cherry MX-based keyboard made for couch gaming

Corsair's K63 is held back a bit by short battery life, but if you're in the market for a wireless mechanical keyboard with backlighting and real Cherry MX switches? Well, this is pretty much your only option.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode One review: It's going to end in tragedy

The Final Season of the Walking Dead starts out suitably bleak.


Nintendo's ridiculous war on ROMs threatens gaming history

The emulation community plays a crucial role in preserving gaming's history. Nintendo's lawsuits against ROM hosts threatens it.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

This week in games: NZXT announces Fallout-themed PC cases and Blizzard says "multiple" Diablo projects are in the works

Plus: Monster Hunter is Steam's biggest Japanese game launch of all time, Torchlight returns from the dead, and the "Fix PUBG" campaign tries to do exactly that. This is gaming news for August 6 to 10.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB review: A solid, Cherry MX-based option, despite its iffy software

HyperX's flagship keyboard has brilliant lighting and true Cherry MX switches, but it's oversized and a bit pricey. Oh, and did we mention HyperX's software utility takes up over a gigabyte of space?

hitman 2

Fall preview: 15 games we're excited for in 2018

From Bard's Tale IV to the Walking Dead's final season, these are the PC games we're most excited for in fall 2018.