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AMD bundles Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and two more free games with Radeon graphics cards

In case you needed more proof we're reaching the end of a GPU generation, the "Free Games!" bundles are back. From now until November you can get three free games with Radeon Vega, RX 580, and RX 570 purchases.

fallout 76

Fallout 76 abandons Steam for Bethesda's own launcher

Fallout 76 will launch on Bethesda.net instead of Steam on PC, but it isn't the first Bethesda game to do so.

valve artifact

This week in games: Valve's finally releasing a game again, Yakuza 6 might come to PC

Plus: Logitech acquires microphone maker Blue, Lords of the Fallen 2 restarts development from scratch, and a World of Warcraft bug deletes players' quest logs. Ouch. This is gaming news for July 30 to August 3.

Razer Huntsman

Razer Huntsman Elite review: Optical switches arrive, but that's not even the best feature

For the keyboard nerds: Razer's Huntsman Elite has optical switches. For everyone else: The wrist rest is RGB-enabled. No, seriously.

origin access premier

Origin Access Premier launches: Get full access to every EA PC game for $15 per month

Origin Access Premier gives PC gamers full access to every EA game, five days before games officially launch.

Forza Motorsport 7

This week in games: Forza 7 removes loot boxes, Forsaken remastered, and Nintendo sues ROM sites

Plus Reaper's shotgun gets Nerfed (literally), Sunless Skies and Ion Maiden slip to 2019, and a Steel Division sequel is announced. This is gaming news for July 23 to 27.

cuphead primary

15 great games you can play on laptops and low-end PCs

No graphics card? No problem. These great games run on pretty much any PC or laptop.

The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 review: A fitting end to a long journey

The Banner Saga 3 is a fitting end to a very long journey, finally tying up four year's worth of loose ends and doing justice to its characters.

No Man's Sky NEXT

No Man's Sky's huge 'Next' update is much closer to the game's universe-spanning vision

No Man's Sky's free Next update adds multiplayer, third-person view, crafting tweaks galore, and much more.

star citizen resized2

This week in games: Star Citizen is sued by a backer, The Culling 2 is yanked from Steam and more

Plus: Todd Howard says "never say never" about another third-party Fallout, and August's releases (We Happy Few, Two Point Hospital, No Man's Sky NEXT) get new trailers. This is gaming news for July 16 to 20.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Middle Earth: Shadow of War strips out loot boxes and reworks its end-game

The July 17 patch brings huge changes to Middle Earth: Shadow of War, removing all microtransactions and fixing the part of the game that felt most designed to coerce players into buying them.

witcher 3

This week in games: More Witcher games, new Commandos, and Darksiders III gets a release date

Plus: Release dates for Bard's Tale IV and Monster Hunter: World, and Epic slashes its revenue share for the Unreal Marketplace—while giving all content creators four years of back-pay. This is gaming news for July 9 to 13.

Steam Logo

Steam’s useless 'Upcoming Releases' list embraces algorithms to become less useless

"Less than half of one percent of customers" clicked on Steam's old Upcoming Releases page, so the bar is pretty low for the new algorithm-driven "Popular Upcoming" list.

Prey: Mooncrash

Prey: Mooncrash review: Expansion or not, this is one of 2018's best and most unique games

Drawing inspiration from roguelikes, Mooncrash's constant tension and resource management allow Prey's already impressive web of systems to truly shine.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This week in games: Dead Island 2 revival, Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC and Shenmue on PC

Plus Rocket League is free all weekend, Bethesda talks smack about Sony's crossplay restrictions, and the Vive Pro finally gets properly pricey bundles. This is gaming news for July 2 to 6.