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Jaikumar Vijayan is a freelance technology writer specializing in computer security and privacy topics. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packard's marketing website TechBeacon.

Ford exec says it doesn't collect or share car location data

The automaker contends it only uses data for customer requests and to troubleshoot problems.

Malware that struck Target has familiar roots, researchers say

iSight describes the Trojan as sophisticated derivation of older point-of-sale malware.

Google loses another appeal in Street View privacy case

Appeals court rejects company's petition for another hearing about its data-collection from neighborhood Wi-Fi networks while building Street View.

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Hackers are reportedly trying to use stolen Target cards

For the first time, hackers market stolen data with info on the location of store where card was used; experts say new strategy will slow detection.

Nissan autonomous car (2)

Senator wants safeguards against car-hacking

Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey is asking what carmakers are doing to prevent hacks of navigation, tire pressure, and braking systems.

Privacy groups ask FTC to check tech firms' link to NSA

Several advocacy groups are calling for an investigation into Internet companies Yahoo and Google whose networks were secretly accessed by the National Security Agency.

Shared bug bounty program praised by security researchers

Facebook and Microsoft are winning plaudits from security researchers for launching an initiative to offer bounties to bug hunters.

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Court confiscates computer for owner's claim of hacking

In a rare move, a federal court in Idaho ordered a software developer's computer seized and its contents copied without prior notice because the developer described himself as a 'hacker' on his website.

Security researchers can sneak undetectable trojans into Intel's Ivy Bridge chips

By tinkering with the electrical properties of the silicon at the heart of chips, undetectable security vulnerabilities can be introduced at a hardware level.

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Google's legal loss for Street View snooping called 'flawed'

A U.S appellate court's decision earlier this week to permit a wiretapping case against Google to proceed, is based on flawed reasoning, a leading technology think-tank says.

Encryption still protects data, even from NSA, experts say

Though the National Security Agency spends billions of dollars to crack encryption technologies, security experts maintain that properly implemented, encryption is still the best way to maintain online privacy.

New York Times website hacked

Less than two weeks after suffering a prolonged website outage, the New York Times was knocked offline again on Tuesday--apparently as the result of a malicious hacking attack.

Attackers reported seeding cloud services with malware

Malware writers are ramping up their use of commercial file hosting sites and cloud services to distribute malware programs, security researchers said at this week's Black Hat conference here.

British intelligence tapping fiber-optic cables for massive amounts of data

More secret NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden suggest that the U.S. agency's British counterpart intercepts petabytes worth of communication data daily from fiber-optic cables.

Provisions revealed for when NSA can collect, retain data on U.S. residents

Two secret documents describing the procedures the National Security Agency (NSA) is required to follow when spying on foreign terror suspects reveal the provisions that allow the agency to collect, retain and use information on U.S residents without a warrant, The Guardian newspaper reported today.