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I have written professionally about technology for my entire adult professional life - about 20 years. I aim to figure out how complicated technology works and explain it in a way anyone can understand.

John Legere

T-Mobile trumpets its continued LTE coverage rollout

The carrier plans to replace all its 2G/Edge coverage with LTE, and start rolling out LTE on 700MHz A-Block spectrum.

threes android

The totally excellent Threes! is now available on Android

Clear your schedule, and prepare to miss your bus stop a lot. The best mobile game in a long while is now on Android.

instagram android primary

Instagram for Android gets leaner, faster, prettier in latest update

The latest update includes no new features, unless you consider "smaller, faster, and works on more phones" to be a feature.

john legere t mobile

Good news (and bad news): T-Mobile is changing its data plans

One year after launching Simple Choice, the carrier upgrades data plans.

Pebble Steel

Pebble 2.0 app lands on Android, adds appstore

iOS has had the major update for awhile, and now Android fans can really unleash the potential of their smartwatch.

googleplus filters

Google+ 4.3 for Android adds welcome photo features

New photo editing and viewing features highlight a new release of Google's social networking app.

google now launchter tablet

Google Now Launcher now available in the Play store

Google makes the launcher from the Nexus 5 available for a host of other Nexus and Google Edition phones.

sm g900f charcoal black 02

Samsung hopes its Galaxy S5 is the picture of health

Samsung's new flagship phone doesn't appear all that different from the GS4 at first blush, but there are improvements everywhere.

project tango1

Google's Project Tango phone understands its environment like humans do

By essentially sticking Kinect in a phone, Google aims to give our mobile devices a "human-scale understanding of space and motion."

BBM 2.0

BBM 2.0 adds a wealth of features, won't save BlackBerry

The latest BlackBerry Messenger adds a lot of great stuff for Android and iOS users, but the company is still doomed.

more verizon 2

Details leak about Verizon's "More Everything" promotion, starting Thursday

Higher data caps, lower prices on Edge plans, earlier upgrades, and faster speeds are on tap for Verizon customers.

sprint logo

Sprint adds Philly and Baltimore to list of cities with Spark service

Two more cities with Sprint's Tri-band service brings the total to 14.

samsung s5 techradar

Rumored Galaxy S5 specs: how real are they?

The Web is awash with rumored specs of Samsung's next flagship phone. While the reports aren't unreasonable, they still can't be trusted.

Xbox One

Xbox One review: For gamers, yes, but you'll like it too

Microsoft’s audacious assault on your living room is delightfully innovative yet unrefined.

Microsoft announces Xbox Fitness: Now get off your flabby butt and go...play Xbox?

The new fitness service includes major names like Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, and Tracy Anderson.