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Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

European Union (EU)

EU network operators say bandwidth-hungry services should not compete for spectrum

Europe's telecoms network operators on Tuesday said that bandwidth-hungry services like UHDTV (ultra high definition television) and 3DTV should be distributed via cable or satellite instead of competing with other services for spectrum.

European Union (EU)

Civil rights coalition says EU data protection bill threatens citizens' rights

A coalition of international civil liberties organizations on Thursday said that some of the proposed changes to Europe's data protection laws would strip citizens of their privacy rights.

google antitrust

EU publishes Google antitrust remedy proposals

Google's rivals have been given one month to assess the search giant's proposed remedies, the European Commission announced Thursday.

airplane travel

EU parliament committee votes against air passenger data sharing bill

European politicians are at loggerheads following a vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday that rejected proposals to store information on airline passengers.

EU opens antitrust probe into alleged smartcard chip cartel

The European Commission announced on Monday that it has launched an investigation into a group of chip suppliers who are suspected breaking the European Union's antitrust laws by operating a cartel.

EU teachers need more IT training, report says

The latest European Union survey of ICT in schools has found that 20 percent of secondary students have never or almost never used a computer in their school lessons.

European Union (EU)

EU digital rights groups demand net neutrality protection

More than 80 European digital rights organizations on Wednesday called on the European Commission to do more to protect net neutrality.

google antitrust

Google's proposed antitrust deal in Europe angers its rivals

Complainants in the European Union's antitrust case against Google said Monday that the company's proposed remedies could be worse than the current situation.

European Union (EU)

Industry group attacks EU plans to overhaul copyright enforcement law

Organizations representing Europe's electronic communications industry on Friday urged the European Commission not to change the directive on the civil enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRED).

Google submits antitrust remedies to EU

The European Commission confirmed on Thursday that it has formally received a package of concessions from Google aimed at ending a two-year antitrust investigation.

EU watchdog: Data collection can't fly under 'user experience' flag

“Improving users' experience” is not justification for using consumer information in Big Data projects according to Europe's top data protection officials.

law books and gavel

Microsoft's $731 million fine could have been higher

Europe's antitrust chief announced a substantial fine on Microsoft, but it could have been even higher he said.

With spotty 4G service throughout Europe, EU offers funding for 5G

The European Union is "€œshooting itself in the foot" when it comes to the mobile industry, Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner tells CEOs in Barcelona.