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Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

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EU votes to abolish throttling Internet bandwidth

The European Parliament has adopted the strictest of three definitions of net neutrality.

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Chinese telco hardware makers no longer under EU investigation

The EU suspends an anti-dumping investigation against Huawei and ZTE

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European net neutrality law clears committee hurdle

The proposal ends roaming charges and permits 'specialized services' by ISPs

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How to avoid a €100 million data fine in Europe

Even US companies will be subject to the new data protection law

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Europe embraces common charger rules to end mobile compatibility nightmare

New rules for radio devices are also approved.

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New EU cybersecurity law avoids making big Internet companies report breaches

Breach rule extends only to companies that own, operate or provide technology for critical infrastructure facilities.

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Europe approves new data protection law

European Parliament gives massive support to stronger data protection rules

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Global tech giants hard to spot on list of European patent filings

Tech giants such as Apple and Google are not filing many patent applications in the EU.

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'Free' apps may be violating EU consumer protection laws

EU authorities are expressing concern about 'in-app' purchases, and whether they're truly free.

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EU could extend copyright levies to cloud services

A new law on copyright levies was passed by the EU Parliament

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Content blocking rampant in EU, survey finds

“When you buy an Internet subscription you should get access to all content," EU officials say. But it isn't happening.

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EU approves €1 billion funding for broadband, digital services

A reduced budget means limited broadband spending

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Simplified law may boost online sales in the EU

New EU law will make cross-border sales cheaper and easier

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EU mulling investment in South America-Europe undersea cable

New cable would circumvent NSA spying - Brazilian President

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Almunia says EU authorities should look at Google's tax practices

Google's data collection and use of intellectual property could also raise alarm